GC LIIT 2013: Students


Vladimir Vasiliev

Vladimir is currently a software developer at Sberbank-Technology and a second-year graduate student at The Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, St. Petersburg State University. He obtained his first degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering at the same University in 2011. Vladimir has more than 5 years of experience in IT industry, he has worked in well-known IT-companies of St. Petersburg such as as Exigen Services and i-Free. Vladimir is interested in software development (tags: java, bpm, highload, big data, cloud computing, gis), project management, football, reading and education. He is also a co-founder of вгалошах.рф and noblack.ru e-commerce projects.





Alexander Dorokhov

Alexander is currently a technical project manager at Reksoft. Graduated Saint-Petersburg University of Telecommunications. He obtained his degree in Network and Communication Technologies at th same University in 2006.Alexander has more than 8 years in Telecom and IT industry.He has worked in well-known companies such as Nokia Siemens Networks and Alcatel-lucent. He is intested in software development, project management and quality managent areas. He likes skiing and swimming.



Gleb Kazmenkov

Gleb is a second year master student in Systems of The Automated Design Institute of St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University LETI. He was born in St. Petersburg in 1989. From the very early childhood Gleb was interested in martial arts: at the age of 6 he started doing judo and was into it for 8 years. This experience taught him how to train both spirit and body. When studying in Gymnasium #66 Gleb participated in mathematical and physical competitions. Moreover before Gleb graduated from school he had obtained a web-designer qualification. At the moment Gleb is obtaining second Master’s degree in Anti-Crisis Management. Furthermore he is an active self-learner: takes Princeton and Stanford Online courses in IT-related areas and learns German language. Finally the main interest of Gleb is gaining programming experience to gain more profound understanding of IT industry. Also he is interested in obtaining knowledge in management, marketing and entrepreneurship as his final goal is to found an IT based start-up.

Sergey Konovalov

Sergey is a Siberia-born economist in international entrepreneurship. Since 2003 he changed several industries: from web-development and design, through sales as key account manager for production lines and as category manager for new product range, to purchasing as department manager, responsible for team, stock control and logistics at Wurth North-West. Sergey is experienced in lean technologies, continuous improvements, business communications, clear interfaces and fixing processes. Currently he is second year master degree student in international business management program at Saimia University. He is fond of photography, Ubuntu and Esperanto. Sergey loves automation, minimalism and simplicity. Since 2012 he also runs own project and helps foreign and Russian companies to build relationships between them.

Pavel Smirnov

Pavel was born in northern Karelia (Kostomuksha town), currently studying PhD at NRU ITMO. In 2012 he graduated from NRU ITMO with honors and got master’s degree in the field of Computer Systems Design (microelectronics & circuits). Since 2003 Pavel had been passionately investigating the programming: from simple webpages and JavaScript to more complicated technologies. Later his hobby turned into profession and brought a portfolio of jobs, freelance- and own projects. As the result of his achievements, Pavel was invited to EMC COE to build stocktaking system and have been working there for 1 year. Now he’s occupied with a research in the field of high-performance and parallel computing (grids, clusters, clouds). His current hobbies are microelectronic devices, leadership, time-management and sport, to which he dedicates much time.


Oleg Vasilenok