An Introduction to the IT Industry and the Essentials of Product Management track

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Track "An Introduction to the IT Industry and the Essentials of Product Management" completed on May, 29, 2014.


  • Introduce students to the world of Information Technology: how people, organizations, technologies, markets and ideas interact with each other to form the IT industry ecosystem;
  • Teach core product management skills;
  • Develop networking skills and an entrepreneurial approach.

​Dates: March-May 2014


Module I (5 weeks): An Introduction to the IT Industry

Origins of the industry. Current markets and players. IT media and analytics agencies. Industry events. Standards organizations. Non-profit organizations. Scientific research.

IT in Russia. Russian success stories. IT professions and career paths. IT labor market.

Government and law regulations in the IT industry. Challenges and trends in IT.

Module II (5 weeks): Essentials of Product Management

Who is a Product Manager? The Product Management process. Business model design. Market evaluation. User research. Usability testing. Testing and validating ideas. Creating and translating product features. Financial modeling. Building and managing a product roadmap. Metrics and measurement. Communicating with stakeholders. Technology for PMs. Product Spec. Presenting the product.


2 classes and 6-8 hours of self-study per week


Lectures and master classes will be led by industry experts. We will emphasize learning through discussions, case studies, peer learning, and individual and group research projects, as well as reading. Students are expected to show a proactive approach to learning. The main language will be Russian although some study materials will be in English.


To be eligible, applicants should prove their ability to apply an interdisciplinary approach to learning. A technical background is a requirement and additional management/marketing experience is an advantage. Participation is free on a highly competitive basis. 40 applicants will be selected. Based on their first 2 weeks performance, 24 students will be chosen to participate in the entire program.


We received 87 applications for addmission. After 10 days of interviews with a lot of wonderful candidates 24 students were accepted for the track. 20 students have finished track despite heavy schedule. Within 3 months our students got invaluable knowledge from 23 experts at 9 "Module I" meetings and from 21 experts at 11 "Module II" meetings and, after all, students had a final workshop where they could analyze real web and mobile projects.

In addition we are pleased to share you collection of reading list of Product Management topics that we and our experts prepared for our students. See it at Medium.

Nikolay Vyahhi

Aleksey Pogibelev

Mikhail Vink

Dmitry Orlov

Yegor Naumov





Vladimir Gorovoy

Ilya Krasininskiy

Vasily Markov

Viktor Naumov

Mikhail Karpov

Igor Rozhdestvensky
(Business-incubator Ingria)

Vadim Babeshkin

Igor Debatur
(Whitescape, RIDE.RS)

Dmitry Pavlov

Anna Lopatukhina

Tatyana Vasilyeva

Vasily Sitnikov






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