Transforming Education: Program 2013

January 27 Education 2030, open lecture (ZonaSpace)
February 15 Organisational meeting and introduction
February 25 World education systems
March 4 Gamification in education; educational startups
March 13 Russian educational system and society 
March 14 Educational & ecosystem events (jointly with Ecosystem & Entrepreneurship track)
March 18 How and why teach Technology Entrepreneurship at research University? (IFMO MTE and QD, jointly with Ecosystem & Entrepreneurship track)
March 27 EDU Lab - course projects
April 3 Projects roadmap and forseight on online education future
April 10 Massive open online courses and adaptive learning
April 15 University - Industry relations (EMC2, jointly with Ecosystem & Entrepreneurship track)
April 17 Transforming offline education
April 22

European University at St. Petersburg as a game changer (EU SPb)

April 24 E-learning in secondary education (
May 12-14 Moscow field trip (NES, RVC, Intel, Odgers Berndtson and etc.)
May 15 EDU Lab - course projects, intermidiate results
May 22 Open workshop "How to make your own educational program"
June 5 Final project presentations: semester results as of June 1