Transforming Education Students 2013

Maxim Arzumanyan

Maxim  is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM), Department of Information Technology in Economics, SUT. His is in charge of developing the FEM facilities, potentials and perspectives. He has established an Educational center and is currently running it, coordinating and develops relationships with vendors, their business partners and industrial companies. He also creates and teaches new courses; initiates and directs student’s projects. Recently he launched his own Business Engineering Study Program in collaboration with BIG-SPb. Maxim also fulfills himself as a specialist involved in projects to do with developing of IT-strategies, planning and implementation of information systems for companies as Gazprom, Constitutional court, BIG-SPb, Leningrad region administration, HyperMethod IBS, NEVISS, ect. He is certified by IBM, SAP, ARIS, Microsoft. Maxim has developed educational courses on Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Architecture (EA) and teaches them to students. He participated in international study program "Strategy and Information Technologies" (2011), was awarded by IBM Faculty Awards 2010, and Federal Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund 2012, 2013.  At present Maxim takes interest in modern approaches to organizational management, looking for ways of increasing companies efficiency; new info-communication facilities and how they influence personality, education, and management. Maxim is trying to integrate knowledge from different fields and disciplines in something really useful for himself, his students and others around.

Yury Belikov

Yury is a third year postgraduate student of Computer Technologies and Management   department at NRU ITMO. He obtained his first degree in Computers, Digital Systems and Networks at the same University. He has also been working in the IT area for several years. Yury’s tasks are to analyze and automate working inside the company and also to adjust business processes. He has a half-year experience of market research and analysis for innovative projects at St. Petersburg Business Angels organization. Yury has also been participating in several business and innovative forums and games. In 2011 he got a «Best Investor» diploma on Innovative Forum Seliger. Self-learning is his lifestyle. Yury’s hobbies are book-reading and book-listening, entrepreneurship, management and philosophy. He is fond of sports such as swimming and yoga. Drums are his favourite musical instrument

Kristina Fedorchenko

Kristina was born in St. Petersburg. She studied in Gymnasium №67, which specializes in Spanish and English languages. In 2012 Kristina graduated from the SPbSU, Journalism Department and got the Bachelor degree of Journalism. For the last four years Kristina had been working in printed press and also had been participating in different TV shots. She had a practice in 5th Channel, then worked on REN TV and made several shots for the news programs. Also Kristina participated in German project dedicated to relationships between Dresden and Saint Petersburg. As a result group of Russian and German students presented a film “From Saint Petersburg to Dresden” about people who live in both cities. Kristina was a chief producer and organized the workdays during the shooting time in Saint Petersburg. Since 2009 she had been working in online media called Then we turned into city newspaper and in 2012 created new online project Nowadays Kristina is editor of the section dedicated to education. Also Kristina works in educational project as PR specialist. The most interesting spheres for Kristina are new media, social media, online services, marketing, PR, TV production, education, cultural and social journalism.

Sergey Fedyukovich

After finishing a 12-year Russian-Lithuanian school in 10 years, Sergey went to Russia and joined the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of SPbSU. In 2008 he graduated from the Software Engineering department and continued working as a software engineer. Sergey now has more than 5 years of experience in that field. He was in charge of the software & technical part of the econometrics project at the European University Institute, Florence. Currently Sergey is involved in the outsourcing project for the FOSS company. His main interests at the moment are software engineering, psychology, happiness studies, and education systems seen from the different perspectives. Sergey considers education as one of the most important fields and is willing to combine mentioned interests into something that the world can benefit from. His favorite activities and ways of achieving the flow state are programming, reading, playing African drums, and swimming.


Margarita Kasabutskaya

Margarita is a 3-rd year student of the Faculty of Sociology, SPbSU, specializing in "Economic Sociology". She also studied at the Philological Faculty as Translator in the field of professional communicationMargarita graduated with honors from the specialized English school №548. She became the winner of the regional Olympiads in Mathematics and Social science. In 2010 Margarita became the winner of the Russian National Conference "Intellectual Renaissance" in the ‘Mathematics and Computer Science’. Margarita was the chief editor of ‘Focus’ and in 2010 won the first place in the All-Russian competition 'Publishing in school'. She was the participant of the Baltic Science and Engineering competition and also won Art competitions. In 2011, Margarita became the winner of Procter and Gamble business case for Old Spice supply chain.
She enjoys art and design, sport and social events. Her dream is to visit exotic places of the world.

Raisa Magdieva

Raisa is a fourth year student of the Faculty of Natural Science at the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. She was born in St-Petersburg in 1992. In 2009 graduated from the specialized English private school "Studium". She participated in school olympiads and won some of them. In the last years of school, she studied at the directions: Video and Audio Technology, Multimedia and Basics of Design at the children's computer centre. She also studied in Physics and Mathematics School at ITMO. At University Raisa has been active in a student life in the first years. And won the title Miss of Creativity University 2011.  Now in her spare time Raisa likes to attend educational and recreational events. For example, in Zona Space, where she is a volunteer. Interests: social activity, education, photography, cinematography, traveling, architecture, theater, music, singing, reading, hand-crafts, board games.

Alyona Markovich

Alyona holds Bachelor and Master Degrees from the School of International Relations, St. Petersburg State University.  Thanks to her excellent academic performance and active social position in the university she was twice awarded scholarships for studying and interning abroad – in the USA (The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars) and in Germany (Potsdam University/ Free University of Berlin). Currently she is getting extra education in Social Entrepreneurship at the Graduate School of Management (St. Petersburg University, CITI Foundation scholarship). Her research and interests lie within the sphere of public policy. Currently she is responsible for the whole Public and Media Relations dimension of the cultural urbanization Summer in New Holland Project. Prior to that she worked as Marketing Communications Manager in EMEA region at Veeam Software, Communications and Analytics intern at US-Russia Business Council (Washington D.C.), Assistant to Regional Marketing Manager at Gigabyte Technology and Committee on External Affairs Intern at St. Petersburg Administration. She is also engaged in several socially oriented city projects and has launched a series of TEDxNevaRiver conferences in St. Petersburg. Alyona is a part of recently created World Economic Forum Global Shapers Hub. She is passionate about the creation of ecosystem in Russia that would boost social innovation development and sees education as an integral part of this path. 

Anastasia Semjonova

Anastassia has a versatile experience in IT area: learning in different countries and Universities (EstoniaLithuaniaRussia), working in both web and science area of IT and being part of very small and quite big international IT companies. She has a Master’s degree in Computer Science (University of Tartu), now studying at Herzen State Pedagogical University. She was born in Tallinn (Estonia), afterwards moved to Tartu and St. Petersburg. In 2010 Anastassia studied at Vilnius University (Lithuania) on the exchange program for one semester. During the university years has worked in Webmedia/Nortal, eXact (bankrupt), STACC and others. Along with studying and working, Anastassia has been participating in several Hackday-type projects and took the initiative of organizing HackDay-x IT in Education in 2011 in Saint-Petersburg. The other part of her interests is beyond the IT - journalistics, youth exchange programs and camps, informal education, sport, music, cinematography and social theatre. 
Ivan studied Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at SPbSU. He worked on an interdisciplinary diploma thesis (statistics, medicine) in cooperation with SPbGMU. He also worked as a biostatistician at Bekhterev Institute. After that Ivan became a co-founder, web-developer and a project manager in the IT-startup (SaaS for scientific conferences management). This experience gave him understanding of what the entrepreneurship is all about. So later Ivan joined the team, which organized events for aspiring entrepreneurs (later acquired by NRU ITMO), and where Ivan helped and educated young entrepreneurs to launch their own start-ups. Continuing his interdisciplinary education-centered track, Ivan spent one year in Paris at the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI), where he studied Systems and Synthetic Biology. At the CRI he became familiarized with two ambitious projects: Citizen CyberLab and Innovative Institute of Formation through Research (both supported by EC and French Government). These two projects became a starting point for Ivan’s current goal: establish and develop Citizen Science community in Russia and commit a collaboration between these projects and the community. Now Ivan is working as a Deputy Director for Education at Business Incubator NRU ITMO. His global goal is to boost and reform education in Russia and integrate it into global environment.

Gleb is the  student of GameChangers track Transforming Education. He is originally from Moscow, where he graduated from Moscow Institute of Radioengineering Electronics Automation (MIREA) with the thesis “University Informational Educational System for Knowledge Management”. He also worked there as a research assistant. In 2007-2008 he studied CCNA at Cisco Networking Academy. In 2008 Gleb was selected for a double degree program  “Computer Science in Communication” at Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi) and went to Como, Italy.  In 2009 he organised with a friend New technologies for science and education conference at MIREA. During 2011-2012 he was working in MIlan as a web developer.  In 2012 Gleb was invited to St. Petersburg to join the development team of the biggest educational social network in Russia as a frontend developer. He is passionate about e-learning systems, frontend development and education in general. Among Gleb’s interests there are extreme sports and music.

Pavel Sviderski

Pavel is a last year student of  the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics at St. Petersburg State University. He was born in Belarus and grew up and studied there till 2008. While studying at high school, he reached the second place in Belarusian Republican School Competitions in Informatics. After graduation from high school, Pavel decided to continue his education in St. Petersburg. During that time he reached good places in various student programming and computer security contests: ACM ICPC semi-final participant, third place in SiBCTF-2011. While studying at University, Pavel has been working as a system administrator and a software engineer. During the summer 2012 he participated in Google Summer of Code, contributing to MoinMoin, the open source project. He is interested in computer security, web technologies, obtaining new knowledge and self-improvement. Pavel loves music festivals and traveling, mostly hitchhiking. Currently he is inspired by the development of the platform based on problem solving for training system engineers.

Artem Sushchev

Artem was born and grew in St. Petersburg, Russia. From young age (about 12 years old) he noticed his own passion of creating code. After 5 years in LETI he decided to finish his masters abroad. Eventually, he went to study Software Engineering in Lappeenranta, Finland where he stayed for 1,5 year. Artem has also worked as a research assistant there. He has now more than 5 years expirience of professional software development. Artem is a ACM ICPC semi-final participant, but he mostly likes to create consumer-aimed products and is real passion is hackathons.


Mike Tupikin

Mike is a fourth-year student of Faculty of Philosophy at St. Petersburg State University. He was born at Kurgan, small town near the Ural Mountains. At 2009 he finished school “Gymnasium №30” and moved to St. Petersburg. In 2011 he was a volunteer at “VnimanieTV”, award for the best educational video, where he worked as a curator of special projects. In February 2012 he joined the team TEDxNevaRiver and took part in the organization of the first TEDx-conference in St. Petersburg. In July 2012 he was invited to France for 3 months to work with Mikhail Shemyakin, the famous Russian artist on his art project “Imaginary Museum”.  Mike has also several research papers published in academic journals on philosophy, psychology and philology, and  two  articles published on and С


The final group of the Transforming Education track, Spring semester 2013:

Belikov Yuriy NRU ITMO Computer Technologies
Fediukovic Sergej  SPbSU Software Engineering
Fedorchenko Kristina SPbSU Journalism
Kasabutskaya Margarita  SPbSU Sociology
Magdieva Raisa NRU ITMO IT in Education
Markovich Alena  SPbSU International Relations
Semjonova Anastasia  Herzen University IT in Education
Smirnov Ivan  SPbSU Applied Math & Computer Science
Sushchev Artem  LETI, LUT Software Engineering
Svechnikov Gleb  MIREA Computer Science
Sviderski Pavel   SPbSU IT
Tupikin Mikhail  SPbSU Philosophy