GC Digital Fabrication 2013: People

Active students

Malishev Eugene

Eugene is a first year Master student of the Department of Physics and Technology of Nanostructures at Saint-Petersburg Academic University. His specialties are Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies.

He was born in Saint-Petersburg, where he studied in the Lyceum "Physical-Technical High School". At school he successfully participated in various olympiads. At 2012 he graduated as Physicist from PhTF SPBSTU with honors.

Eugene is fond of science, IT and meeting with interesting people.

Dmitry Ershov

Dmitry is a candidate for a bachelor degree at the State Polytechnical University in field of applied physics and maths.  In 2009 finished school #46. At  the same time he started to practice engineering skills working as a technician. In 2011 became an engineer at Photomechanics.  Scientific interests include engineering, mechanics, computer sciences, digital fabrication. Hobbies: football, fablabs, travelling.

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dmitriy-ershov/30/805/21b

Pavel Paskar

Was born: 13.09.88, Saint Petersburg

2006 – 2011 - Education in Saint Petersburg State Politechnical University, faculty of Physics and Mechanics, department of Mechanics and Control Process, specialist.

2008 – present – Owner of 2 business (www.rightfilter.ruwww.larouge.ru)

Professional interests – creation and optimization of business projects

Hobby – football

Andrey Karpitchev

Andrey Karpitchev graduated from Saint Petersburg State Technical UniversityRadiophysics Faculty in 2007. Has a master's degree in technical physics. Now works as engineer and developer in Institute of Applied Astronomyof Russian Academy of Sciences.
Experienced in electronics, programming and web development. Andrey interested in digital fabrication, fast propotyping and IT.

Alexander Tamm

Aleksandr is a sixth year student of the Physical and Mechanical Department of St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University. His specialty is Applied Mechanics. Also now he is an engineer at LLC ”CompMechLab”, specialized in finite elements analysis (FEA).His professional interests are finite elements analysis, computer aided design (CAD), computer aided engineering (CAE). He has some working experience in entertainment and advertising field (organizing and performing of children’s events for 2 years). In 2009 he had an internship: SPJSC “Concern AVRORA” (marine control systems).

Aleksandr was born in 1990 in Leningrad, where he studied in the Lyceum "Physical-Technical High School". During the school years he finished musical school by the guitar class. In 2007 he took part in student exchange program with St. Louis University High school. Since 2009 he participated in some international sailing races (The Tall Ship Races 2009, Muhu Vaina Regatt 2011 and others) as a yacht deckhand and helmsman also he is doing other sports skiing, cycling, swimming and volleyball.

Inactive students

Experts and guests

  • Alexander Nikulin
  • Yury Nasonov
  • Dmitry Davidovich
  • Anna Kuznetsova