Digital Fabrication and Fab Labs

Students 2013

Track's Context

What if we could manipulte atoms as easy as bits? The idea of digital fabrication is translation of a digital design into a physical object. A significant attempt to bring this magic to our everyday life is a Fab lab program by Center for Bits and Atoms in MIT. 

Fab lab is a small-scale workshop offering (personal) digital fabrication. The fab lab concept grew out of a popular class by prof. Neil Gershenfeld at MIT (MAS.863) "How To Make (Almost) Anything". Currently there are 200+ fab labs in the world and few of them are already opened in Russia. 

This track is to find people who are both fond of design and making things and those with a talent to create value and commercialize stuff that designers, geeks and nerds develop together. These students are really to start a new industry of personal design, production and fabrication.

To get into the adventure of a new industry creation, please see the results of tbd2 seminar with Neil Gerhshenfeld we organized with Center For Entrepreneurship in April 2012.

Video records are available both in English and Russian

Local context we've evaluated together with 2Nova and SPbSTU at the conference 'Value Creation when Bits meet Atoms: Discovering Markets for Digital DIY'. We organized it in December 2012 at the event of 'Tkachi' Center opening.

CuratorIgor Asonov 
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