Data Mining Students 2013

Avdiushkin Vasiliy

Vasiliy is a software developer at Smart-Processing. His interests fall into highload systems, data mining in payment systems, embedded hardware and software. He graduated SPbSUITMO at 2012, worked at several software development departments specializing in parallel computing, web analytics and finances.  He has experience in asynchronous frameworks (Python - twisted, tornado), some functional programming backend (erlang, CL) and some experience with system-level programming (C, C++).


Aleksey Grigoryev

Aleksey is a last year student of Safe Information Technologies chair at National Research University ITMO. In 2004 he finished school №586 (Physics and Mathematics). At school he was actively engaged in various ex-r activities and obtained a title in chess. In 2008 he graduated from college as a Software Engineer. At that time, Alexey had a part-time work at Rosprombank as Main IT Specialist and an engineer at the Research University AthomEnergoProject.
After Aleksey spent several weeks in the Silicon Valley, CA, he finally realized what dictates the modern tendencies in IT tech, and what he saw with his own eyes changed his future life plans drastically. 
Aleksey believes that IT Industry will save the the whole world. That is why his hobbies are programming, distance learning, Computer Science Club and etс. Aleksey’s scientific interests include computer sciences and Digital Security.

Ekaterina obtained master degree with an honors at the Faculty of Technical Cybernetics, St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University. She was born in St. Petersburg and graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum № 239. Since she was at school Ekaterina was inspired by science and hiking.
At the University Ekaterina took part of several conferences (for example, II International workshop "Intelligence, Integration, Reliability") and won several awards, such as scholarships of Potanin's fund and VTB24.
During her training at the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, she entered and graduated from St. - Petersburg State University with a bachelor in Economics.
Now Ekaterina is a team leader at Yandex. Her group engaged in the research products and analysis of user behavior using data mining.
Catherine is also fond of project management, sports, music, learning something new and meeting different people.

Dovzhenko Sergey

Sergey is a 4th  year student of the Faculty of Economicsat the Saint Petersburg State University. His specialty is Mathematical Methods in Economy.

He was born in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, in 1992. Sergey graduated with honors from the school №4. He took a part and won in different school and regional Olympiads in Mathematics and Languages.

In University Sergey participates in student’s research projects and conferences. By now, Sergey became the winner of several international student conferences held in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow.

He is interested in econometric modeling, data analysis, statistics and finance. Also Sergey likes travelling, films and music.

Eugene Zhurin
Eugene is a 4th  year student of the Faculty of Psychology at the Saint Petersburg State University. His specialty is clinical consultation and correctional psychology.
He was born in Saint-Petersburg  in 1991.  Secondary education was received in Bryansk city by lyceum №1, a medical and biologic class. At school has executed the candidate for the master of kettlebell sports.
At university was engaged in scientific activity, programming and data mining, has some publications and experience of participation in conferences. He is interested: the behavior analysis, data mining, algorithms, statistics, mathematical modeling of mental processes.

Krylova Irina

Irina is a 3rd year student of Bachelor’s programme “IT in Arts and humanities”, Department of Arts, Saint-Petersburg State University. Originally from Saint-Petersburg.

She graduated from Anichkov Lyceum in 2010, where she firstly took an interest in computational linguistics.

Irina attended Philological school, free evening school based on Language and literature department of Saint-Petersburg State University programme, in 2010; took part in summer school of computational linguistics held by Moscow State Institute of Mathematics and Electronics in 2011. She was the speaker in  international conference "New media. Changing Media Landscapes" held by Higher School of Economics in 2012 and was the co-author of several other reports and publications in the domain of computational linguistics.

Last year she took part in Finnish-Russian art programme “Border-Borderless”. Now she is a member of coordinating group of students’ festival “Artes Liberales”.
Irina is keen on scottish dancing, likes reading and watching films.

Max is now an open-source developer and data scientist in his own research projects in fields 
like trading automation, digital marketing and software engineering.
In the year 2012 he graduated from the Graduate School of Management, where he worked hard developing complex systems in the context of real options theory under the supervision of Alexander Bukhvalov. In the early years of Ingria, Max actively participated as a project coordinator intern and had a chance to meet founders of Resumup, 2Nova, ITmozg, sometimes contributing a sound impact to their projects. He was also the initiator and the visioner of Entrepreneurship Club at St. Petersburg State University, where he tried to build a bridge of collaboration among business oriented and engineering departments. Max believes in the power of open-source community, for the reason that he saw the other side of the coin in startups like Blogeum and TMFunnel, where he worked as a cofounder. As a data scientist Max had a chance to build models in problem sets like collaborative filtering, classification, regression analysis and complex systems theory. He is also a big fan of sailing and photography, if you ask him - he will sing you some of his songs as well, but don’t make such sort of mistake. Other information may be observed at LinkedIn.

Pupyshev Aleksei

Aleksei is currently a software developer and Data Mining researcher at HBImed  and a last-year bachelor student at The Department of Higher Nervous Activity and Psychophysiology, St. Petersburg State University.

He have 2-years experience of medical Software Engineering and several research projects related with advanced approaches (SVM, Signal processing, AR, ICA etc) electrophysiological data analysis.
In the current periods his projects are math modeling of web-markets (i.e. and optimisation of Independent Component Analysis algorithm Infomax neural network type for parallel computing paradigm.
He is a very interested of semantic analysis and studies of algorithms cascades.

Seneva Victoria

Victoria Seneva is a second year master student in the Higher School of Economics Saint-Petersburg. She is a manager and research assistant in the  Laboratory of Education and Science and research assistant in the Laboratory of Economics of Culture. She was a supervisor of several international events in HSE SPb: the conference New Media Changing, student exchange program HSE SPb-Maastricht University, summer school Social Network Analysis. Research interest is social institutions, healthcare and Internet. Her hobbies are photography, snowboarding and travelling. 


Sivogolovko Elena

Software developer, researcher, member of The Information Management Research Group
Her research interests are Data Mining, Clustering and Cluster Validity. Elena took part in research projects in collaboration with The Information Retrieval Research Group
at the Faculty of Informatics of the University of Lugano and The Conceptual Modeling Group at the Department of CS, Christian-Albrechts-University at Kiel. Now she is working as Information Systems developer.
Elena likes reading, irish dancing, knitting and aerial dance.

Snarskaya Nelly

Nelly is a 5th year student of the department of Мathematics and Mechanics at Saint Petersburg State university. Her specialty is Computer Science.
In 2008 she graduated from Academic gymnasium of Saint Petersburg State university where became interested in mathematics and programming. 
Until recently she has been working as an analyst at YotaPlay - premium video on demand service. Her main duties were analysis of video recommendation system, user behavior and market. 
Nelly's professional interests are recommendation algorithms, data analysis and machine learning. Also she likes reading and listening to music.


Trusov Roman

Roman is a first-grade student of  of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, department of Mathematics in NRU ITMO. 
Special interests: Java, Big Data in Finance
He had some experience in Delphi (school projects connected with development of programming languages).
In real life he likes reading and playing the guitar.


Ufliand Anna

Anna is currently in her final year of a Specialist programme in Mathematics and Mechanics at Saint Petersburg State University. By the graduation from Physical and Mathematical Lyceum #239, she had already chosen her future speciality - Statistical Modelling.
She has an experience of working in the main office of Bank Saint Petersburg in  Department of Operations in the Financial Markets. During her work there she has been involved in following activities: application of the theory of stochastic processes and different statistical models to financial data using technical tools and taking part in a robot programming project.
In scientific area Anna is interested in statistics applied to Biology and Medicine. As a student she made a research work in this field. She worked with experimental data from cardiology and trials for the drug addiction treatment. Last summer she presented  a paper at an international symposium on Computational Neuropsychopharmacology of Addiction.
The understanding that Data Mining is very helpful for the future research and career affected Anna’s decision to take part in the Data Mining track in Game Changers.