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"Data Mining" track aims to review the existing methods and data processing technologies in various industries (economics, IT, biology, etc.), as well as the practical application of the analysis tools. With this course we also learn who are the Data Scientists and can try out their role. As a result, we create a community of young Data Scientists, who will set up joint projects and help each other, within their competences.
Track's Format
The course lasts four months and consists of 2 parts.
First introductory part consists of 10-15 sessions, where we go through Data Science concept, the problem of Data processing, and learn how it can be used in practical applications (Data Mining). We invite experts who can share their experience in this field. Usually we have one meeting in a week with experts, 3-4 hours (evening or weekend time) and 6-8 hours of self-study.
The second part focus on the practical study of the real Data Scientist work: understanding the business objectives and communication with the customer. During this cycle students perform a mini-project in teams within 2 months.
Student works
Students have a thematic homework for each lesson. The terms of reference given data set that student need to analyze and draw a conclusion.
For the successful completion of the course, students must complete a graduation project. The project is implemented by topic of interest to the student with the expert support and consultation. For example, the one of the graduate project is "Models for predicting bankruptcy of the industry manufacturing industry".


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