GC Biotechnology 2013: Students

Anna Anashkina

Anna is a last year student at Faculty of Biology and Soil Science of Saint Petersburg State University, department of Biochemistry. She was born in Inta and finished French Gymnasium with honors there. In 2009 she moved to St. Petersburg. Anna is working at the Institute of Experimental Medicine, department of Virology as a Junior Research Assistant. She is professionally interested in the development of technology of the live influenza vaccine on the basis of tissue cultures. Additionally her interests are management, IT, finance, reading, traveling, art. Anna also likes sport, riding and swimming especially.

Yaroslav Baranov

Yaroslav is second year student of Saint Petersburg Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy(SPCPA) with a specialization in Biotechnology. He studied at The Life Sciences Lyceum (№214). From 2000 to 2010 he studied fencing (epee) at The Olympic reserve school №1 and achieved a candidate (KMS) level. Since 2009 he is a member of a Saint-Petersburg Shotokan Karate Organization (SPb SKO) and taking parts in International and regional competitions. Currently, Yaroslav is engaged in research in coordination chemistry of vanadium at the department of inorganic chemistry in SPCPA. He participated in Int. BioCamp 2012 in Basel (Switzerland) and spent November 2012 attending the course of Pharmaceutical eingineering in ICT of Prague. Yaroslav`s interests lays in a field of biotechnology, bionformatics and research studies connected to them, both scientific and business.


Ekaterina Chaykina

Ekaterina graduated in 2012 from the joint master’s program on Higher Education by University of Oslo, University of Tampere and University of Aveiro for which she had been granted Erasmus Mundus scholarship. She was also nominated for this scholarship by University College London. Her master research was devoted to the issue of how University-Industry-State relations are supported or hampered by Russian innovation policies. Upon completion it was marked eximia cum laude. Ekaterina also holds a Specialist Degree in International Education Management from SPbSPU. In 2007-2009 she worked for Graduate School of Management SPbSU where, as International Accreditation Coordinator, she contributed to accomplishment of EPAS and AMBA accreditations. In 2008-2009 she was in charge of the Russian Association for Entrepreneurship Education establishment. In 2011 Ekaterina joined GameChangers team, initially as Admissions Coordinator. Now she is a curator of GameChangers Transforming Education track. Since 2012 Ekaterina is a curator at Bioinformatics Institute and SPbAU RAS. In addition, she participates in various projects as an independent student recruiter. Her hobbies are travelling, bouldering, dancing and juggling.

Aleksey Grigoryev

Aleksey is a last year student of Safe Information Technologies chair at National Research University ITMO. In 2004 he finished school №586 (Physics and Mathematics). At school he was actively engaged in various ex-r activities and obtained a title in chess. In 2008 he graduated from college as a Software Engineer. At that time, Alexey had a part-time work at Rosprombank as Main IT Specialist and an engineer at the Research University AthomEnergoProject.
After Aleksey spent several weeks in the Silicon Valley, CA, he finally realized what dictates the modern tendencies in IT tech, and what he saw with his own eyes changed his future life plans drastically. 
Aleksey believes that IT Industry will save the the whole world. That is why his hobbies are programming, distance learning, Computer Science Club and etс. Aleksey’s scientific interests include computer sciences and Digital Security.

Kirill Grigoriev

Kirill is a fourth year student at the Saint Petersburg Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy with a specialization in Biotechnology. He studied at The Classical Gymnasium of St. Petersburg (#610) and has been tutoring its pupils since graduation. Kirill is currently engaged in research in proteomics at the department of Biochemistry at SPCPA. Outside his academic occupation, his interests include foreign languages and linguistics, music, and audio engineering.




Andrey Gusev

Andrey is a fourth year student of St. Petersburg State University, specialization «economy». And a fifth year student of St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, specialization «marketing». He is also a student of Open University Scolkovo. In May 2012 he began a project on mobile medical diagnosis, which has later became a finalist for the Skolkovo MD.
Andrey has a background in marketing and advertising in different companies + experience of founding own business. His hobbies are: literature, sport and classical music.

Viktoria Korzhova

Viktoria is a last year Master student at Faculty of Biology and Soil Science of Saint Petersburg State University, department of General Physiology. She works at the Laboratory of Molecular Neurodegeneration on the research project dedicated to synaptic transmission in Huntington’s desease. Her main scientific interest is neurobiology and particularly memory formation. During her university years Viktoria worked as a fellow student on 2-3 months research projects in Lausanne University (Switzerland) and UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (USA).
Viktoria is a keen scientists and finds science popularisation an important part of her profession. She is interested in science journalism and publised several articles on russian website biomolecula.ru. Other Viktoria’s interests include reading, travelling and cooking. She also always looks for an opportunity to learn something new and meet new people.


Anna Lioznova

Anna is a fourth year student of the faculty of Physical Science and Nanotechnology at Saint Petersburg State Politechnical University. Her specialty is Space Exploration. She is also studying at Computer Science Center (since 2010). Anna is a member of student’s pedagogical detachment "Constellation". Moreover, she attends various extra classes, for instance, classes of State Hermitage Museum.
Anna was born in Saint-Petersburg, where she studied in the Lyceum "Physical-Technical High School" (the only secondary school in Russia linked to the Russian Academy of Sciences), specialized English school 457 (till 9th form) and in the Sviridov school of arts (art department).  When at school Anna attended many various evening  classes and successfully participated in different olympiads. She also took part in two student exchange programs: St. Louis (the USA) and Jyväskylä (Finland) within the school program. Anna worked as an intern at YOTA during summer, 2012 (Yota play, test engineer). Anna is fond of science, software engineering, photography, art and sport. She likes to communicate with people and to explore the world.
Sergey is a project lead at GGA software services with a specialization algorithm development for pharma companies. He’s graduated Saint Petersburg State University, Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty, department of Statistical Simulation. Also he took the bioinformatics courses of St Petersburg Academic University. Due to relations with pharma Sergey interested in chemoinformatics and bioinformatics initiatives, especially related to the area of brain-computer interfaces.



Elena Parfentseva

Elena is a certified doctor with higher medical education - graduated with honors from Samara State Medical University in 2011. Now she is a student of Open University Skolkovo in Saint-Petersburg and receiving a Master degree in Technological Entrepreneurship (NRU ITMO) with her medical projects. Elena has 13 publications and her scientific interests are directed on personalized medicine, pediatric dentistry and cancer research connected with facial surgery. Elena is an active participant in international and russian conferences, had internships in Europe. Her hobbies are ball-dancing, traveling and studying languages: she speaks german, english and french.



Eduard Parsadanyan

Eduard is a SAS-programmer in PSI contract research organisation. In 2011 he graduated from the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Faculty of Medical Physics and Bioengineering. During his study Eduard completed several projects in Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry, RAS. In the Laboratory of the evolution of sense organs he created a computer model of color vision and mastered technical skills during upgrade of research devices (micro-spectrophotometers) for studying color vision cells in Saint-Petersburg and in Biology Center of Helsinki University. His Master’s degree project In the Laboratory of hyperbaric physiology was aimed to study oxygen consumption of cell cultures. Eduard has also a vast extracurricular activity. In 2009 he became council member of Nor Serund, a Saint-Petersburg non-profit Armenian youth organisation. During the next three years this activity gave him a diverse teamwork and leadership experience. As for his hobbies, Eduard is fond of travelling, sci-fi and practices IPSC shooting.



Victor Sergeev

Victor is a fifth year student at Saint-Petersburg State University, Faculty of Economics, specialization “Management of Innovations”. In 2008 he finished mathematical school # 33 in Yaroslavl. In the Fall semester of 2011/2012 he studied at the Faculty of Applied Economic SciencesUniversity of Antwerp, Belgium as an exchange student. The program included such courses as International Business, Investment Analysis, Innovation Management and Business in Emerging Markets. He  has also actively participated in several projects in collaboration with students from different countries.
At the present moment Victor is a Business Analyst at NRU ITMO and Esprito Ventures, working with startups and relevant events. For instance, he took part in organizing International Conference and Startup Exhibition “42” and Startup School SUMIT (projects acceleration from an idea to business model). 
Among Victor’s interests there are: tech startups, science and education, economics and sociology, travelling, sport (floorball and tennis), books and meeting new people.

Marina Slashcheva

Marina is a second year student at Faculty of Journalism of St. Petersburg State University. She was born in Belgorod and in 2010 finished German school №2, then moved in St. Petersburg. As a free-lancer she writes science-popular articles and other stuff. In future Marina wants to be engaged in science popularization and, maybe, even change her education to natural sciences.
She`s an open-minded person and believes that all knowledge and experience is useful.  Among Marina`s interests there are sport (swimming and table-tennis), literature, languages (English and German) and traveling.



Larisa Viazmina

Larisa is a third year student at faculty of Industrial Drug Technology in Saint Petersburg Chemical - Pharmaceutical Academy, joining biotechnology specialisation next year. She was born in Izhevsk, native city of M.Kalashnikov, and moved to St.Petersburg in 2010. Her main interests are modern microbiological recombinant protein technologies and analytical chemistry. She won academy olympiad in 2011 and became a member of Student Science Organization in 2012. She has also reached top 100 of Millenium Youth Camp participants, as part of water research team (Technology Academy, Finland). Now Larisa attends in GC Biotechnology track.In her free time she enjoys yacht sailing, watercolour drawing and hebrew learning.



Ekaterina Zaikina

Ekaterina is a Software Engineering Intern in JetBrains (YouTrack project). She is also a fifth year student of Information Systems department at NRU ITMO and a second-year student of Software Engineering track at Computer Science Center.
Ekaterina participated in student project on lossless data compression organized by NRU ITMO and EMC. And she was government scholarship holder for this. She also took part in Joint Advanced Student School 2012 on Usability Engineering course.
Ekaterina was born in 1990 in Leningrad. She has studied in specialized medicine school №214 till 9th form, and in 2008 graduated with honors from school №56. She successfully participated in junior olympiads on biology, history and geography and won prizes in some of them. During 9th and 10th forms Ekaterina took evening courses on programming in Anichkov Palace.
In her spare time Ekaterina enjoys reading fairy-tales and psychology books and doing some sport activities.