Biotechnology Track


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Three decades ago biotechnology emerged through combination of expertise in biology, IT and chemistry. Now, with extreme drop in genome sequencing cost, as well as with rapid increase in publicly available data, life sciences are transforming into data sciences.

On GC | Biotechnology we learn current state of biotechnology and bioinformatics markets and businesses, discuss recent scientific and technological breakthroughs, debate with experts, make projects and have fun.

Confirmed experts from:

Algorithmic Biology LabAlkor Bio, BiocadGenestackGenotek, GeropharmEMC, Jonson & JonsonMedvio, RocheSequoia Genetics and more.

Curator: Nikolay Vyahhi
Junior Curator: Anna Anashkina

Please, address all questions regarding the track to:

GC Biotechnology 2012 page (pilot version)