Banking Track


Track's Context

Finance Industry is a really conservative business sector. IT brings disruptive technologies and minds that think different into the traditional money world., NFC, p2p finance, iPads as cash registers, social currencies, bitcoins... this list goes on and shows that further transformations are only begin now.

Russian banks are also under the presure pressure. Newcomers from IT world apply different approaches and business processes. QIWI and Yandex.Money virtualized cash. Tinkoff and Svyaznoy rethink retail banking. Russian Banking and Telco's majors - Alfa Bank and Vimpelcom start a joint venture - RURU to keep up within fast changing environment.

Please follow the link to read in Russian. 

Topics Covered in Semester I:

  • What is Money: synopsis, photo, agenda;
  • Payment Processing Ecosystem & Future trends at OpenWay Group: synopsis, photo;
  • Introduction to the NFC (as a part of Global Russian Companies) at i-Free: synopsis, photo, agenda;
  • Personal Finance Start-ups and Banks Relations at Yandex: synopsis, photo, agenda.

Sea also: homeworks and quizzes (for authorized users only).

IT and Money: Banking Industry and E-Payments:

  • Media and Analyst Sources about IT Industry, Banking and Payment Systems. Events
  • Origins of IT industry, Money and Their Evolution
  • IT for Business, IT in Banks, IT as a New Businesses Enabler (e-payments)
  • IT Market Types and Key Players
  • Multinationals (IT and Financial Corporations)
  • Local-global IT Product and Services Companies (Russian-roots companies with global operations)
  • Local Companies (internet, telecom, banks)
  • Technology Entrepreneurship (startup ecosystem, founders, incubators, venture funds, customer development)
  • Research and Development (science and engineering management in IT companies)
  • Nonprofits: IT and Banking Associations and Standards, Open Source Foundations
  • Law and Taxes in IT and Money Businesses
  • Labor Market in IT and Finance. Emerging Jobs
  • Trends and Challenges in IT industry. Future of Money

Key Experts

  • Philipp Delgyado, recently Team Lead and Software Architect at Yandex.Money, now CTO at startup;
  • Maria Vinorgradova, Head of Marketing Department at OpenWay Group;
  • Kirill Gorynya, Head of NFC business unit at i-Free Innovations, i-Free Co-Founder;
  • Vladimir Gorovoy, Head of Yandex.Uslugi at Yandex;
  • Anton Fedosin, Founder and CEO at ZenMoney, Project Manager at Korus Consulting)

Guest Experts

  • Grigiory Fishman (Aintsys)
  • Anton Voskobovich (OpenWay Group)
  • Pavel Shoust (Russian Electronic Money Association)
  • Ilya Tchernetsky (i-Free Innnovations)