Since winter 2013 Game|Changers has become a platform for thematic tracks in various emerging disciplines and industries. The tracks use ad-hoc and hands on approach to education introduced by flagship Game|Changers program An Introduction to the IT Industry, but are adapted to the context and needs of specific subject. The tracks are being created and held by Game|Changers students, alumni and curators. Participation in the tracks is free, but each track has a limited amount of available places. The format of all tracks implies regular meetings with experts (3-4 hours evening or weekend time), self-study (6-8 hours per week), individual and/or group projects. 


Tracks 2013-2014

Tracks 2012-2013

Tracks prepared by Program curators:

Tracks prepared by Program students:
For more information you can write to (general questions) or contact the track's curators directly (track's content questions).
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