Program structure in 2012/2013:

The program runs in St. Petersburg within four semesters with a few visits to Moscow. Comparing to the previous seasons, program became 2 years long. Semester I is a theoretical one and consists of weekly classes, homework and research tasks. Semester II is devoted to special tracks, minimum one of which are being chosen by student. Semester III and IV are allocated for graduate projects. Participation for students requires about 4-8 study hours and 8-16 homework hours weekly. Lectures and master classes are important, but the emphasis is on learning through discussions, case studies and individual and group research projects as well as reading. Summer internships in the partner organizations will be available.

Students are expected to show proactive approach to learning. Main language of instruction is Russian although some study materials are in English.

How it was in 2011/2012 season

In 2011/2012 season the semester I schedule was as follows

In addition to the general topic 'An Introduction to the IT Industry' (based on 2010/2011 course, coloured in white background) there is an opportunity to get a general understanding in sub-topics (in gray backrgound):

In red colour are co-located and significant recommeded events.

To see how it works check out Game Mechanics