Graduate Projects

At Game|Changers each students should complete a projects in order to graduate. Here you can find out summarized information about current graduate projects of Game|Changers students.


Project leader: Mikhail Vink
Project title: Conference AINL: Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language
Project mentor: Tatyana Lando (Yandex)
Project page:
Current status: completed


Conference “AINL: Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language” was held in St. Petersburg, Russia on 26 May 2012, sponsored and co-hosted by i-Free in partnership with RVC, NLPSeminar and Game|Changers.

The conference brought together some of the foremost Russian and international thought leaders on artificial intelligence and natural language processing, as well as scientists and analysts representing the relevantly specialized technology developers and creators of new, promising products and solutions.

Physically attended by over 200 participants, the forum was broadcast online to a much wider audience. Participants circulated so many tweet reports that the conference hashtag, #AINL, became a trend on Twitter in St. Petersburg region. The forum’s six sections featured over 20 presentations and 9 project information posters.


Project leaderIvan But  

Project titleGame|Changers: Small Faculty

Project mentor: Sergey Dmitriev (GameChangers)
Project page:
Current statuscompleted


Game|Changers: Small Faculty is a cross-disciplinary educational and research program which aim is to provide participants with the project management and team work skills. The striking pecularity of the program is the multi-dicsiplinary approach: participants and lecture topics relate to various spheres - from theatre art to bionformatics. 


Project leader: Egor Naumov  

Project titleIron Entrepreneur Business Game

Project mentor: Sergey Dmitriev (GameChangers)
Project page: press-release
Current statuscompleted


"Iron Entrepreneur" is a business game which provides opportunity for SPbSU students to develop their technological entrepreneurship skills in a new type of business game and prepare ground for future contests.


Project leaderAlexandra Vachnadze
Project titleAnalysis of Bionformatics Ecosystem
Project mentor: Patricia Florissi (EMC2, vice-president), Nikolay Vyahhi (scientist, AU RAS)
Project pagen/a
Current status: in process


Research document "Analysis of Bioinformatics Ecosystem" is a consulting project  which is conducted on demand of "EMC" corporation .  The goals of the study include detailed categorization of the different participants within the bioinformatics ecosystem, description of the value chain created by the ecosystem and  the value added by each category defined. The result of this research will be a written report that will present applied model of the entire bioinformatics ecosystem.


Project leaderDmitry Orlov
Project titleWeb-service "Mixoteque"
Project mentor: Alexandr Shtuchkin (ex. Yota)
Project page
Current statuslaunched


"Mixoteque" is a web-service which allows to select the appropriate music podcast according to the particular mood or acivity. Despite the fact that project is already launched, the work is till in progress.


Project leaderEvgeniya Turova
Project titleNetworks of Interactions
Project mentor: Andrey Poskryakov (Yourd)
Project page
Current statusunder development


Project goal is to examine links and formats of interactions between different specialists and organizations. The main milestone is workshop “Polymerization”. This event is an intensive form of interaction. Main task is generation of ideas for new cross-disciplinary and cross-organizational products and activities.


Project leader: Alexandr Kim  
Project titleCo-working "Green Place"
Project mentor: Alexandra Shishova (researcher, HSE)
Project page
Current statuslaunched


Co-working "Green Place" is  a small working and networking place under the open sky. Here people can communicate with each other  while sitting outside the office. There are approximately 10 working places. There will be wifi and food ordering, alcohol and smoking are strictly forbidden.


Project leaderDina Chubareva  
Project title: Educational course “Software analytics”                    
Project mentor: Sergey Dmitriev (GameChangers)
Project page: google site link
Current statuscompleted


Educational course "Software analytics" is a free-of-charge short run program which provides opportunity for students to choose the proper Master's program, which would help them out to acquire knowledge in IT sphere: business and system analysis, information system design, project management.


Project leader: Anastasia Tsvetkova
Project titleOut-of-city co-working school "NerdCamp"
Project mentor: Sergey Dmitriev (GameChangers)                           
Project page
Current status: two held events (2011 & 2012)


NёrdCamp is a 3-days platform for various activities related to education, work, networking and entertainment with IT as a uniting theme. The 'Camp' refers to barcamps, foo camps and in this case it's really a camp because the venue is located in a countryside, but the environment is more comfortable (meals and a free of charge swimming pool) as it's hosted by a holyday hotel.


Project leaderIgor Asonov  
Project titleYES^TM-club
Project mentor: Sergey Dmitriev (GameChangers)                            
Project page 
Current statuslaunched (2nd year)



Club of school children YES^TM (young engineers and scientists in theoretical mechanics) is aimed on teaching school children what is project management, how to present themselves and their work. The club gives an opportunity for schoolars to realize their own or someone else's scientific / engineering project.


Project leaderValeria Sizikova  
Project titleFrom University Relations to Joint Business Projects
Project mentor: Maxim Arzumanyan (SPbSUT)
Project page
Current statusin process


Case study "From Univesity Relations to Joint Business Projects" is a research project about the collaboration of St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications and multinational IT companies. We study how the academic team consisting of faculty staff and students solves not only educational tasks, but business ones as well. The final goal of the project is to receive an article discribing this case.


Project leaderAlexandr Kim  
Project titleSashaTravel
Project mentorAlexandra Shishova (researcher, HSE)
Project page
Current statuslaunched


SashaTravel is a unique project about educational courses of how to travel cheap and effective. Both Sashas has an enourmous experience  in travelling abroad - they have already visited 45 countries by their own way. By reading this 12-hours courses, they give an opportunity for everyone to explore a new path in travel life.


Project leaderMikhail Vink  
Project titleGame|Changers in EU
Project mentor: Sergey Dmitriev (GameChangers)
Project page:
Current statusunder development


Game|Changers  in European Union is graduate project involving expansion of Game|Changers ad-hoc education program to European Union through business trips to European companies for program participants and others, European IT market and infrastructure research. Additional goal of this project is to organize a meeting of innovative educational programs from different countries.