Students 2012-2014

Anna Anashkina

Anna is a last year student at Faculty of Biology and Soil Science of Saint Petersburg State University, department of Biochemistry. She was born in Inta and finished French Gymnasium with honors there. In 2009 she moved to St. Petersburg. Anna is working at the Institute of Experimental Medicine, department of Virology as a Junior Research Assistant. She is professionally interested in the development of technology of the live influenza vaccine on the basis of tissue cultures. Additionally her interests are management, IT, finance, reading, traveling, art. Anna also likes sport, riding and swimming especially.

Kirill Artemenko

Kirill is a first year master student in Technological Entrepreneurship at the National Research University ITMO. Kirill was born in Saint-Petersburg. He studied physics and math at Lyceum #239 and got a Bachelors degree in Journalism at the Saint-Petersburg State University. He has been working for printed and online newspapers, magazines and pop-science TV-show for the last four years. After 1,5 year working as a reporter for the city editorial of nationwide “Izvestia” newspaper he turned to the freelance journalism. Nowadays he writes articles for a nationwide online newspaper and a business magazine “Chief Time”.  He is also a cofounder and an editor-in-chief of the new media project, that covers stories of different aspects of life in Saint-Petersburg. The goal of the project is to provide information for diverse social groups of young people from sport fans to national and sexual minorities, from political activists to social climbers. Kirill and his colleagues have created an online media based on cheap (and mostly free) proceedings with a basic fundamental of convergence. They publish articles, make photo reports and videos. is updated daily and attracts more than 40000 readers a month. Kirill also interested in sport — especially swimming, surfing and table tennis — and in travelling.

Dinara Asadulina

Dinara is a co-founder and CEO of «Plombir» childcare center in St. Petersburg, Russia (
Originally from St. Petersburg, she graduated with honors from the Department of Linguistics at St. Petersburg State University in 2012. She also spent almost a year studying at the State University of New York at Stony Brook in the USA. In the USA she worked first as a hospitality manager at Cafe Jolie (NYC) and then as a real estate salesperson in the Star Group of New York, Inc. After returning to St. Petersburg in summer of 2011, she worked as a financial director at Bumaga online newspaper (ex for about a year. In June 2012 Dinara founded «Plombir» childcare center together with her mother, a veteran in the field of pedagogics and teaching and has been working on it ever since.
The major Dinara’s interests include entrepreneurship and business, marketing, management, reading, education, traveling, India, the US, people, dancing, food, hospitality and media. 

Ayuna Badmarinchinova

Aiuna is a linguist in the IT field. Works on projects connected with Information Retrieval and Knowledge Engineering. She was born in Gusinoozersk, Republic of Buriatia and had a grant from it’s president for young talented students (2007-2009). Now she is the first year master student of Saint-Petersburg State University, Applied Informatics in Humanities and Arts Department, bachelor of Philological Faculty of Tomsk State University. 
Aiuna has won Oxford-Russia Fund scholarship (2011-2012) and took a part in the summer school Creative Industries, provided by this fund. When at school she realized that we simply can’t work just in the narrow occasional field to create up-to-date project.
She is interested in Russian-English interpreting and did a summer language course in Bath University. She is also interested in climbing and caving, Aiuna won with the team of TSU the third place between seventeen universities in sport tourism. Aiuna believes, that “it’s getting better.. all the time”.

Yury Belikov

Yury is a third year postgraduate student of Computer Technologies and Management department at NRU ITMO. His first degree is Computers, Digital Systems and Networks in the same university. He also works in IT area for several years. Favorite tasks are to analyze and automate working inside the company and also to adjust business processes. Yury has a half-year experience of Market research and Analysis for innovative projects at Saint-Petersburg Business Angels organization. He has been participating in several business and innovative forums and games. Yury got a «Best Investor» diploma on Innovative Forum Seliger 2011.
Self-learning is his lifestyle. His hobbies are book-reading and book-listening. Yury is also interested in entrepreneurship, management and philosophy. He is fond of sports such as swimming and yoga. Drums are his favourite musical instruments. 

Kristina Fedorchenko

Kristina was born in Saint Petersburg. She studied in Gymnasium №67, which specializes in Spanish and English languages. In 2012 Kristina graduated Saint Petersburg University, Journalism Department and got the Bachelor degree of Journalism. For the last four years Kristina had been working in printed press and also had been participating in different TV shots. She had a practice in 5th Channel, then worked on REN TV and made several shots for the news programs. Also Kristina participated in German project dedicated to relationships between Dresden and Saint Petersburg. As a result group of Russian and German students presented a film “From Saint Petersburg to Dresden” about people who live in both cities. Kristina was a chief producer and organized the workdays during the shooting time in Saint Petersburg. Since 2009 she had been working in online media called Then we turned into city newspaper and in 2012 created new online project Nowadays Kristina is editor of the section dedicated to education. Also Kristina works in educational project as PR specialist. The most interesting spheres for Kristina are new media, social media, online services, marketing, PR, TV production, education, cultural and social journalism.

Aleksey Grigoryev

Aleksey is a last year student of Safe Information Technologies chair at National Research University ITMO. In 2004 he finished school №586 (Physics and Mathematics). At school he was actively engaged in various ex-r activities and obtained a title in chess. In 2008 he graduated from college as a Software Engineer. At that time, Alexey had a part-time work at Rosprombank as Main IT Specialist and an engineer at the Research University AthomEnergoProject.
After Aleksey spent several weeks in the Silicon Valley, CA, he finally realized what dictates the modern tendencies in IT tech, and what he saw with his own eyes changed his future life plans drastically. 
Aleksey believes that IT Industry will save the the whole world. That is why his hobbies are programming, distance learning, Computer Science Club and etс. Aleksey’s scientific interests include computer sciences and Digital Security.

Margarita Kasabutskaya

Margarita is a 3-rd year student of the Faculty of Sociology, St. Petersburg State University, specializing in "Economic Sociology". She also studied at the Philological Faculty as Translator in the field of professional communication.
Margarita graduated with honors from the specialized English school №548. She became the winner of the regional Olympiads in Mathematics and Social science. In 2010 Margarita became the winner of the Russian National Conference "Intellectual Renaissance" in the ‘Mathematics and Computer Science’. Margarita was the chief editor of ‘Focus’ and in 2010 won the first place in the All-Russian competition 'Publishing in school'. She was the participant of the Baltic Science and Engineering competition and also won Art competitions. In 2011, Margarita became the winner of Procter and Gamble business case for Old Spice supply chain.
She enjoys art and design, sport and social events. Her dream is to visit exotic places of the world.

Gleb Kazmenkov

Gleb is a second year master student in Systems of The Automated Design Institute of St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University LETI. He was born in St. Petersburg in 1989. From the very early childhood Gleb was interested in martial arts: at the age of 6 he started doing judo and was into it for 8 years. This experience taught him how to train both spirit and body. When studying in Gymnasium #66 Gleb participated in mathematical and physical competitions. Moreover before Gleb graduated from school he had obtained a web-designer qualification. 
At the moment Gleb is obtaining second Master’s degree in Anti-Crisis Management. Furthermore he is an active self-learner: takes Princeton and Stanford Online courses in IT-related areas and learns German language. 
Finally the main interest of Gleb is gaining programming experience to gain more profound understanding of IT industry. Also he is interested in obtaining knowledge in management, marketing and entrepreneurship as his final goal is to found an IT based start-up.

Sergey Konovalov

Siberia-born economist in international entrepreneurship. Since 2003 changed several industries: from web-development and design, through sales as key account manager for production lines and as category manager for new product range, to purchasing as department manager, responsible for team, stock control and logistics at Wurth North-West. Experienced in lean technologies, continuous improvements, business communications, clear interfaces and fixing processes. Second year master degree student in international business management program at Saimia University. Fond of photography, Ubuntu and Esperanto. Loves automation, minimalism and simplicity. Since 2012 also runs own project and helps foreign and Russian companies to build relationships between them.

Anna Kosinskaya

Anna is a  business section editor in Bumaga web newspaper. 
Anna worked as a journalist in Chief-Time Magazine, Advertising Ideas Magazine, She studied publishing and translation in Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University. In 2010 and 2011 Anna was Potanin Foundation scholarship holder. Moreover, in 2011 she participated in the Winter School of Potanin Foundation. As a member of TOLK (from russian acronym “ТОЛК”) team she worked on an educational project. It was related to improvement of additional professional skills of second and third year students. The project was successfully implemented as a series of workshops on public speaking, leadership and teamwork. Anna studied writing and journalism in the class of Samuel Lurie and other advanced courses. The victory in the essay contest allowed her to become a participant of the MAPRYAL conference in Shanghai in 2011. 
Anna is interested in journalism, new media, social media and all related processes, advertising, marketing and SMM. Anna also is fond of all kinds of classic art, travelling and dancing. 

Anna Lioznova

Anna is a fourth year student of the faculty of Physical Science and Nanotechnology at Saint Petersburg State Politechnical University. Her specialty is Space Exploration. She is also studying at Computer Science Center (since 2010). Anna is a member of student’s pedagogical detachment "Constellation". Moreover, she attends various extra classes, for instance, classes of State Hermitage Museum.
Anna was born in Saint-Petersburg, where she studied in the Lyceum "Physical-Technical High School" (the only secondary school in Russia linked to the Russian Academy of Sciences), specialized English school 457 (till 9th form) and in the Sviridov school of arts (art department).  When at school Anna attended many various evening  classes and successfully participated in different olympiads. She also took part in two student exchange programs: St. Louis (the USA) and Jyväskylä (Finland) within the school program. Anna worked as an intern at YOTA during summer, 2012 (Yota play, test engineer). Anna is fond of science, software engineering, photography, art and sport. She likes to communicate with people and to explore the world.

Raisa Magdieva

Raisa is a fourth year student of the Faculty of Natural Science at the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. She was born in St-Petersburg in 1992. In 2009 graduated from the specialized English private school "Studium". She participated in school olympiads and won some of them. In the last years of school, she studied at the directions: Video and Audio Technology, Multimedia and Basics of Design at the children's computer centre. She also studied in Physics and Mathematics School at ITMO.
In University Raisa has been active in a student life in the first years. And won the title Miss of Creativity University 2011. 
Now in her spare time Raisa likes to attend educational and recreational events. For example, in Zona Space, where she is a volunteer. 
Interests: social activity, education, photography, cinematography, traveling, architecture, theater, music, singing, reading, hand-crafts, board games.

Roman Musatkin

Roman is a student of the Management Department at St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies Mechanics and Optics. He was born in Novosibirsk, graduated from Language Gymnasium №10. After some positive experience in organizing & promoting socially valuable events and projects on the web, he moved to St. Petersburg in search of better professional communications and experiences. Here he participates in student project conferences, develop social & commercial mobile applications and web services. By now, Roman became the winner of several international student conferences held in Russia, including "Sakharov Readings" in St. Petersburg and "National Treasure of Russia" in Moscow, and continues to gain better achievements.

Ksenia Petrova

Ksenia obtained master degree in 2012 on the Faculty of Economics and Management at Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (specialization - management of innovations). She was working on different projects in various fields such as apps promotion, packaging innovation project, real estate project for government, etc in such companies as Yota,  PMI and Vstrecher Ltd. She also has experience of her own business in gadgets retail, which was successfully closed. Now Ksenia is working as a Project Manager of new betting system. She is interested in data, statistics, marketing, knowledge management, business development and new technologies. Ksenia likes travelling,  adventures, interesting people, playing  table games and jazz.

Alexey Pogibelev

Alexey works 6 years at the Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute as an engineer. He develops equipments for ship propulsion systems and is experienced in the creation, control, testing and commissioning of the frequency converters.
Alexey  was born in Sosnovy Bor, Leningradskaya oblast. He finished liceum №8 (mathematical), Sosnovy Bor in 2002. When studying at school, he participated in the city and regional mathematical olympiads and won prize in one of the city olympiad. 
In 2008 Alexey graduated from St. Petersburg State Electric&Technical University 'LETI', he obtained a master degree in Ships Electric Equipment and Automatics.
He is interested in power converters, data-mining, data visualisation, artificial intelligence. Also Alexey likes travelling, biking and board games.

Anna Potanina

In 2011 Anna graduated from The Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, St. Petersburg State University. Her speciality was IT in International Relations. She worked for a year as a programmer in St. Petersburg Institute of Informatics and Automation of Russian Academy of Science. After that Anna entered Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg State University to make a shift in a career and to study international management of technology innovations. She is also doing FT#2 ranked double degree program CEMS. During summer 2012 Anna had an internship at Accenture in Technology Consulting Department in Moscow. 
Anna ‘s wants to get a big picture of modern information technologies, their evolution through time and how they can serve society in order to transform the world around. Especially she underlines her interest in internationalization of projects, expanding to new markets, cultures and opportunities in order to unite people under one goal. Besides of IT, Anna is fond of motorbikes: she has one and she dreams to make a round-world trip on it with friends one day. She is studying French and German.

Anastasia Semjonova

Anastassia has a versatile experience in IT area: learning in different countries and Universities (Estonia, Lithuania, Russia), working in both web and science area of IT and being part of very small and quite big international IT companies. She has a Master’s degree in Computer Science (University of Tartu), now studying at Herzen State Pedagogical University. She was born in Tallinn (Estonia), afterwards moved to Tartu and St. Petersburg. In 2010 Anastassia studied at Vilnius University (Lithuania) on the exchange program for one semester. During the university years has worked in Webmedia/Nortal, eXact (bankrupt), STACC and others. Along with studying and working, Anastassia has been participating in several Hackday-type projects and took the initiative of organizing HackDay-x IT in Education in 2011 in Saint-Petersburg. The other part of her interests is beyond the IT - journalistics, youth exchange programs and camps, informal education, sport, music, cinematography and social theatre. 

Victor Sergeev

Victor is a fifth year student at Saint-Petersburg State University, Faculty of Economics, specialization “Management of Innovations”. In 2008 he finished mathematical school # 33 in Yaroslavl. In the Fall semester of 2011/2012 he studied at the Faculty of Applied Economic Sciences, University of Antwerp, Belgium as an exchange student. The program included such courses as International Business, Investment Analysis, Innovation Management and Business in Emerging Markets. He  has also actively participated in several projects in collaboration with students from different countries.
At the present moment Victor is a Business Analyst at NRU ITMO and Esprito Ventures, working with startups and relevant events. For instance, he took part in organizing International Conference and Startup Exhibition “42” and Startup School SUMIT (projects acceleration from an idea to business model). 
Among Victor’s interests there are: tech startups, science and education, economics and sociology, travelling, sport (floorball and tennis), books and meeting new people.

Yulia Tritenko

Yulia received her Ed.S. in International Economics from the Faculty of Economics, St.Petersburg State University in 2009 and was fortunate to obtain employment at a prominent global provider of telecommunication services, one of the largest mobile network operators in the world (Financial department). This experience gave her an insight on how such a business works.
With a natural talent for negotiations and a take-charge attitude, law school was a consequent next step in Yulia’s professional career. She is currently in her fourth year and will receive her Sp.A. from Russian Academy of Law (Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation) in 2013. Currently serving as a Legal Consultant of The Management Co. JSC she is brought into the real work that allows her to witness firsthand the importance of securing Intellectual Property Rights.
Her long-term goal is to research and develop in the following baseline directions: domestic and international copyright law, intellectual property policy and the promotion of the public interest and information justice in these areas, exploring the role of law and lawyers in promoting the ethical operation of business entities and preventing ethical breaches before they occur. Yulia makes it a priority to excel in her law school curriculum while maintaining balance in her spiritual, family and work life. She loves skiing, enjoys identifying and photographing interesting objects, scenes, and events that might otherwise go unnoticed. She is well travelled; friend relations built all over the world are continuously fostered today.

Ekaterina Vagina

Ekaterina obtained master degree with an honors at the Faculty of Technical Cybernetics, St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University. She was born in St. Petersburg and graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum № 239. Since she was at school Ekaterina was inspired by science and hiking.
At the University Ekaterina took part of several conferences (for example, II International workshop "Intelligence, Integration, Reliability") and won several awards, such as scholarships of Potanin's fund and VTB24.
During her training at the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, she entered and graduated from St. - Petersburg State University with a bachelor in Economics.
Now Ekaterina is a team leader at Yandex. Her group engaged in the research products and analysis of user behavior using data mining.
Catherine is also fond of project management, sports, music, learning something new and meeting different people.

Ekaterina Zaikina

Ekaterina is a Software Engineering Intern in JetBrains (YouTrack project). She is also a fifth year student of Information Systems department at NRU ITMO and a second-year student of Software Engineering track at Computer Science Center.
Ekaterina participated in student project on lossless data compression organized by NRU ITMO and EMC. And she was government scholarship holder for this. She also took part in Joint Advanced Student School 2012 on Usability Engineering course.
Ekaterina was born in 1990 in Leningrad. She has studied in specialized medicine school №214 till 9th form, and in 2008 graduated with honors from school №56. She successfully participated in junior olympiads on biology, history and geography and won prizes in some of them. During 9th and 10th forms Ekaterina took evening courses on programming in Anichkov Palace.
In her spare time Ekaterina enjoys reading fairy-tales and psychology books and doing some sport activities.