Students 2011

(Relevant for January, 2012. Up-to-date information is available at student's LinkedIn profile - you'll be directed there by clicking one's name)


Ivan But

Ivan is working for Google Ireland. He was born in Yessentuki and finished secondary education with honors. Afterwards he has moved to St. Petersburg and entered the Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg State University for bachelor of the International Management program. In 2010 Ivan studied at Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen, Norway on the exchange program for half a year. In 2010-2011 he had been working at NovotelSPb Center in the HR department and at Business Link Personnel in the Training department. In 2012-2013 Ivan was the Program Coordinator at GameChangers.
Along with working and studying, Ivan has been participating in several business games and competitions and became MTS-club member. Ivan is professionally interested in entrepreneurship, web-technologies, business coaching and self-improvement. He also admires art and sports: he had been playing in the school theatre and won lots of chess competitions. Ivan is fond of mountains and dreams of visiting Antarctica one day.

Alexandr Kim

Alexandr is a first year master student in Technological Entrepreneurship at the National Research University ITMO. He was born in Kapchagay, Kazakhstan, but moved to St. Petersburg in 2006. When at studing school, he won a silver medal in Republic Olympiad in Informatics. In 2011 he graduated from St. Petersburg Petersburg State University, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics with a Specialist degree. He loves traveling, mostly hitchhiking and backpacking. He has already visited 40 countries and wants to contunie. That is why he is working on a project, which will help travelers and local people meeting each other. The project will be based on the Internet and mobile technologies. You can check it out on soon.

Alexandra Vachnadze

Alexandra is a first year master student at the Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg State University,  Master of International Business Program. She was born in St. Petersburg. She obtained serious musical education: 2005 – finished Special Music School; 2010 – graduated from St. Petersburg Conservatoire with honors (specialization - orchestra player, soloist and pedagogue; instrument – violin). In 2007-2008 Alexandra was studying in Paris Conservatoire, during that time she participated in the National French Students Orchestra. She is interested in self-developing, obtaining new knowledge and making life better. Additional interests: management, finance, innovative technologies, genetics, languages and art. Alexandra speaks English and French, plays violin, piano and guitar.

Mikhail Vink

Mikhail is an entrepreneur and an engineer in the IT field. He works on projects related to Web Services, Information Systems, Software & Hardware solutions. Mikhail is a founder/co-founder of several St. Petersburg-based companies providing B2B services in IT. He was born in St. Petersburg and graduated from St. Petersburg Lyceum #384 (Mathematics and Physics). Now he is a fifth year student of St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University LETI, Faculty of Computing Technologies and Informatics, Computer Security department. Mikhail twice won the Technical English Program (2009, 2010) and has several research papers on computer security and intellectual data processing published. Since 2009 Mikhail has been a volunteer at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), from 2011 he holds a position of IEEE Russia North-West Student Branch LETI President. Interests: traveling, languages (English, Finnish), books, theater, sports, business, international communication, and writing (has two blogs in English: and


Olga Barshay

Olga is a first year master student in International Business at the Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg State University. She was born in St. Petersburg in 1989. She finished school #371 which is a test school for Russian Academy of Education in 2007. The school specializes in foreign languages and mathematics. During her studies at school Olga spent 1 year in the USA on a FLEX exchange program, which included living in a local family and attending American high school. She graduated with a Bachelor degree with honors from Higher School of Economics (St. Petersburg branch) in 2011. Olga is interested in learning new things (especially foreign languages) and travelling. She would like to combine it with her future degree in International Management. Additionally, she enjoys photography and hand-crafts (knitting, macrame, cross-stitch, glass beads and etc.).

Oksana Buyak

Oksana is a second year master student at St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Faculty of IT and Management (specialization of Informatics and Computer Science). She also works in JSC Baltiyskiy Bank as a Database Specialist in the Processing Center. Oksana was born in Gai, Orenburg region, Russia. In 2005 she graduated from the local Gymnasium. She started her higher education studying Computer Science at Tolyatti State University, but after a year she decided to move to St. Petersburg. She finished her bachelor degree at the Faculty of IT and Management of St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University with honors. Oksana has actively participated in the University life. She has made reports on Research-to-Practice conferences Week of Science and was also a course curator. Oksana’s professional interests include databases, business analytics, IT in finance, management in IT. She has attended Oracle courses and has several certificates. From her childhood Oksana has always been fond of music, so it was difficult to choose between musical and technical education. Now music is her hobby.

Sergey Karashevich

Since 2008 Sergey works in Pulkovo Observatory, Laboratory of Observational Astrometry as a researcher. He is also studying at Computer Science Center. Sergey was born in Leningrad. He studied in Academic Gymnasium (2001-2003) and the in Lyceum #533 – Junior Mathematical School "YuMSh" (2003-2005). Sergey has graduated from St. Petersburg Petersburg State University, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics in 2010 (Astronomy). During his studies in the University he took part in many student projects, for instance: J8, The Youth Forum, Baltic Scientific Engineering Contest, Archaeological Expedition Por-Bajyn and etc. He is interested in IT and Programming, Advertising and PR, Astrometry, Celestial Mechanics, Common Theory of Relativity.

Yulia Kholodnova

In 2011 Yulia graduated with honors from St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University and obtained a master degree in International Economics. At the moment she is doing a Ph.D. program there. Yulia has won a Rotary Club scholarship and participated in the student exchange program at University of Bamberg, Germany in 2010-2011. She is also a Potanin Scholarship holder (2010). Now Yulia is working as Project Manager at TVN Fund, she deals with international collaboration programs and FabLab project. Among her previous professional experience: internships at Microsoft and St. Petersburg Government, exhibitory and exporting activity, working at different events and exhibitions. Besides professional interests Yulia is fond of travelling, billiard and outdoor sports, literature and foreign languages. She speaks Russian, English and German (certificates: CAE, Deutsches Sprachdiplom). Yulia is interested in international relations, educational activities and acquiring knowledge in diverse areas.

Dmitry Konchalenkov

Dmitry is a fourth year student at the Faculty of Technical Cybernetics, St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University. Dmitry was born in Leningrad in 1991. He finished Spanish Grammar School #148 in 2008. He has always had strong inclination to English and Information Technology. He studied to be a System Administrator in school, and an Application Developer at the University. Dmitry is interested in Software Development, Quality Assurance, IT industry and Business in IT. His hobbies include reading English books, roller-skating and computers.

Anastasiya Semenyuk

Anastasia is a third year student at the St. Petersburg State Transport University, Information Technology Security department. She was born in Kiev in 1992, and then she moved to St. Petersburg. In 2009 Anastasia graduated from Economic Lyceum #373 with a Information Technology major. The same year she was admitted to the University. In summer 2011 she participated in the internship program of Yota company, where she has developed a web application. Anastasiya finished also an art school by course of ancient Russian art. In addition, she is a member of the University swimming team and trains three times a week.

Valerya Sizikova

Valerya is a first year student at Business Informatics Department, St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunications. She was born in St. Petersburg in 1991. In 2008 she graduated from Gymnasium Classes of school #371. Firstly she entered Faculty of Technical Cybernetics, St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, her major was Information Security. After two years she realized that her choice was wrong and she decided to choose another specialty. As she has always liked the learning process, Valerya wanted to find a place, where it would be really interesting for her. Therefore, she started to study Business Informatics. She was also working for half a year as a Recruitment Consultant in the IT sphere. The most fascinating for her is to work at the intersection of IT industry and communication with people. Now she is interested in developing her own IT start-up. Her non-professional interests include traveling, hiking, reading and music.

Evgeniya Turova

Evgeniya works in the Institute of Strategic Planning as an Urban Architect. She was born in Sayanogorsk in 1987. In addition to traditional high school, she has studied music and art. For 2.5 years Evgeniya attended Krasnoyarsk Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering (now part of SFU). After that she took an opportunity to change Architectural School for Architectural Faculty of St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and graduated from it in 2011. Evgeniya is a participant of several Russian and international workshops (Mind the gap (2009), Dubnaworkshop (2010), Extreme City: SPb (2010), “100% recycling” (2011)). She also had a summer practice in architectural company SWECO in 2010. Evgeniya is interested in space as inhabitancy of people with different interests, social, ages and professional groups, as environment of different processes, connections and events. Her interests also include friends, nature, bicycle trips. She likes to discover new places as well.

Olga Yanyuk

Olga is a third year student of the Informatics Department at the St. Petersburg Petersburg State University, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics. Her specialty is Applied Informatics in Sociology. She attends also various extra classes, for instance, Software Analytics course (August-September, 2011). Olga was born in Petrozavodsk in 1991. In 2009 she finished school #42 (Mathematics) with honors.  Additionally, she successfully finished musical school #4 (piano). In summer 2011 Olga took part in IT Summer SPb (SPSU and Lanit-Tercom). Her research there dealt with nonfunctional testing of software. There was project "Expert and nonfunctional testing of antivirus software". Olga was also a participant and a silver holder of the International Award for Young People Program. Starting from 2008 she is an instructor there. Olga is an alumna of the Youth Folk Ensemble "KRUUGA" (1998-2009) and a school theatre (2007-2009). She is keen on making projects both in daily life and in professional career.


Ksenia Artemenko

Ksenia works as an analyst at Usabiility Lab company. She is a member of several professional societies: for instance, User Experience Russia, User Experience SPB. She is interested in professional growth as an expert on easy to use interfaces. Ksenia was born and grew up in Kamyshin, Volgograd oblast. She graduated with honors from the Technical College (2005, Accounting). Then she entered and successfully graduated from All-Russian Distance Institute of Finance and Economics (2010, Financial Management). She takes an active part in public life and is interested in Russian education and in the IT industry. She wants to make education accessible with the help of the Internet (in this regard she participated in the forum III Innovation Convention "Forward Russia” at Skolkovo, 2010). Her interests include: Runet, education, Information Technology, banking sector development in the IT and Internet research.

Yulia Detkova

Currently she is a first year master student at Informational Business Analysis program at the Faculty of Economy, St. Petersburg State University. Yulia was born in St. Petersburg in 1989. In 2010 she obtained a bachelor degree with honors in Computer Sciences at St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University. Yulia has a GMAT and TOEFL certificates. She has also several research publications and awards (Diploma of the first degree for achievements in scientific research work on the basis of XXXVIII International Scientific Conference "Science Week SPU",  2010; Grant for graduate students and young scientists of universities and academic institutions located in St. Petersburg, 2010). Yulia is interested in application of IT in different areas. Her current interests include Internet-marketing and its development in recent years. She is also interested in bioinformatics.

Sofia Kamyshan

Sofia is a third year student of the faculty of Civil Engineering at St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. She hopes to become a good structural engineer after her graduation. She finished school #239 (Mathematics and Physics) in 2009. Next year she plans to take part in the student exchange program and go to Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Civil Engineering Faculty (Lappeenranta, Finland). Sofia’s interests include mountain skiing, snowboarding, hitchhiking and traveling. She is also very fond of photography.

Miron Kostenko

Miron is a first year master student of Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg State University, Master in International Business program. Miron has a technical background — he graduated from lyceum Physical-Technical High School and then obtained a bachelor degree in Computer Science from Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (Computer Technologies department). During his third year of studies, Miron entered Yandex as a research intern. He completed successfully a project on Information Retrieval and embedded it into a working system. After that he continued working at Yandex as a developer. Miron is interested in IT industry, especially in bringing engineers, developers and managers in different areas together. He enjoys going in for sports, especially Ultimate Frisbee and is a member of the biggest St. Petersburg Ultimate Club JuPiter.

Dmitry Makarov

Dmitry is a Computer Specialist in a bank and is responsible for the IT there. He is also a last year master student at the National Research University ITMO. Dmitry has obtained a bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the same University, Computer Technologies department. Previously, he was a Mobile Solutions Developer in DataArt, where he served at all stages of software development: from product user interface design and programming to sales, customer communications and project management. Even after leaving the company, Dmitry continued overseeing one of the projects.  Before joining DataArt, he held the position of a Technical Leader in start-up dedicated to indoor location based services. He is interested in everything related to computers.

Viktoriya Puzach

Viktoriya is studying Applied Information Technologies and International Relations in the School of International Relations of St. Petersburg State University. From 2009 Viktoriya is a member of the international youth organization AIESEC. At the position of Vice-President of Incoming Exchange she was responsible for international volunteer programs organized in St Petersburg by AIESEC. Now she holds a position of President AIESEC in St Petersburg. In 2010 she was a part of organizational team who made the first forum of Information Technologies IT2Days. Now it is AIESEC’s brand event, which was already conducted in Moscow. Viktoria is interested in International Relations, World Economy, Project Management and IT industry in general. At the University she is focusing on the global IT trends, especially on its development during and after the crisis. She is fond of mountain skiing, travelling, handmade and art. She is always open for new opportunities and acquaintances.  Her life motto is “whatever happens, happens for the best“.

Maksim Shvecov

Maksim is a second year student of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics at the St. Petersburg Petersburg State University, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics. He was born in 1990 in Riga, Latvia (USSR). In 2009 Maksim finished Riga Secondary School #40 and continued his education in Riga Technical University for one year. From 2006 till 2010 he was working in the Institute of Polymer Mechanics as a Laboratory Assistant. During his work in the Institute Maksim took part in International Conference on Mechanics of Composite Materials (MCM-2010). He is interested in mechanics, programming and bioinformatics and in 2011 joined Pr. A.M.Vinogradov in his research of collision mechanics. Maksim has a high grade in swimming and takes part in sport life of the University as a rock climbing coach. He speaks English, Latvian and German.

Personal information of this page is up to date on year 2011.