Students 2010

(Relevant for July, 2011. Up-to-date information is available at student's LinkedIn profile - you'll be directed there by clicking one's name)


Igor Asonov

Rating: 156.5 (Exam 28.5)

Participation in wiki-course “An Introduction to the IT Industry” gave me integrally overview of the IT industry and very important acquaintances in general. I've structured ideas for next projects and got inspiration to realise them. I had a possibility to visit various events and found out interesting literature. But especially I would like to note that it was a great possibility to be a beta-tester of the new creative project with a big future.

Graduate Project: Foundation of club of young engineers and scientists (YES^TM) where schoolchildren and students of first year of education are working on some engineering and scientific projects. Club YES^TM successfully works second year.

Currently, Igor is on master program at the department of Theoretical Mechanics at St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University. He holds a bachelor degree in Applied Mechanics. Since 2007 Igor has been working as a teacher of mechanics and physics (additional education) in Lyceum No. 239. Besides, he is also a computer-engineer in the same lyceum, an active member of Board of European Students of Technology and researcher in Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Science. Igor has organized 5 engineering competitions, club of schoolchildren. He is the winner of St. Petersburg tour of school Olympiad in physics (2006), winner of All-Russia tour of Olympiad in strength of materials (2008), Potanin's scholarship-holder (2010), winner of Leonhard-Euler Scholarship Programme (2009), winner of fellowship of St. Petersburg Government (2010). Igor is interested in scientific development of young people (students and schoolchildren) and in a world peace.

Dina Chubareva

Raiting 143.8 (Exam 23.6)

The course has opened my mind in IT sphere: I have started to understand more clearly how its elements interact and entered into IT world of St. Petersburg. The course combines many things together: knowledge, thoughts, ideas, inspiration, successful stories, networking, opinions, impressions and so on.

Graduate Project: Organization of an educational course “Software analytics” for young analysts, programmers, economists, etc. (total number of participants - 12).

Currently, Dina is on master program at the Business-Informatics Department, Faculty of IT and Programming, National research university of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (University ITMO). Before she had been also studying in Academia of Modern Software Engineering (AMSE) and in the Lyceum "Physical-Technical High School" (PTHS, the only secondary school in Russia linked to the Russian Academy of Sciences). During spring semester 2012 she is going to participate in exchange program with Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT). Apart from her studying Dina is working in Yandex as junior analyst. In 2010-2011 she was working in KostaSoft (System implementation department). Dina considers the Lyceum "Physical-Technical High School" as her life university because she learned to think there. She participated in two study-exchanges: St.-Louis (MO, USA) and Ors (Denmark) within the school program. Dina is interested in new knowledge, she likes studying a lot. IT, Mathematics, Economics, Biology, Arts... everything. She tries to use all opportunities she has, especially if it is free remedial course. The other side of her life is Art. She adores drawing and clay modeling. Moreover she tried such extreme activities as Rope-Jumping, Rafting and Hitch-hiking.

Yegor Naumov

Rating: 152 (Exam 25.5)

I found my job which I enjoy a lot, thanks to "An Introduction to the IT Industry" course. And, more importantly, I met great people, both among students and curators, and among industry representatives.

Graduate Project: As a graduate project Egor has organized a business game “Iron Entrepreneur” (in team with GSOM students-members of Entrepreneurship Club).

Yegor is currently employed as a Product Manager at Yandex. He is also a captain of a St. Petersburg ultimate frisbee club “Shadows” (2010 National Champion) and a member of the Russian National Ultimate Team 2011. Egor holds a specialist degree in Computer Science from St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University (2009), and a dual Master degree in "International Technology & Innovation Management" from the Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University and Lappeenranta School of Business, Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland). In 2010 Yegor co-founded Entrepreneurship club in GSOM, and has been its president untill May 2011. He has undergone an internship in Business Incubator Ingria, working closely with several start-ups. He has also developed a project for localizing an American SaaS product for Russian market. In 2009 Yegor co-founded “Lemon club” training center, and performed there as development manager, developing company’s strategy, organizing and launching new trainings. Yegor has GMAT and TOEFL certificates. In the summer of 2010 he was representing Graduate School of Management at IBM Best Student Recognition Event in Stuttgart, Germany. Yegor is interested in IT product and project management.

Dmitry Orlov

Rating: 149.2 (Exam 24.9)

This was a wonderful educational experience that showed me the map of IT industry, opportunities and processes within it. It was a great networking opportunity which helped me with getting to know my former employer as well as my current startup partner.

Graduate Project: Casual Sound Designers' GameDev market investigation (series of interviews with representatives from game development market; an article summarizing their insights). In progress.

Currently, Dmitry is working on a music web-service, which would allow search of music playlists for any situation or activity. He is a lead singer and a songwriter in the “Checkers” music band and a co-founder of the Casual Sound Design music studio. He organized a public speaking and negotiation skills practice club and performed there as a supervisor during the last 6 months. He has work experience in interactive advertising and an internship experience in IT sales and business analysis. In 2009 he co-founded "Lemon club" training center and performed there as a head manager for about a year. In 2006 he organized SPbSU ITMO based Student Psychology Studio and performed there as a supervisor for 2 years. Dmitry holds a bachelor degree in Computer Sciences from St. Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (2009) and a master degree from the dual diploma master program "International Technology & Innovation Management” (Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University, and Lappeenranta School of Business, Lappeenranta University of Technology). He has also taken part in the following educational programs: “Yandex Managers' school”; “Interactive communications in advertising” joint project of advertising agencies Red Keds, AdventureDesign, Oblako, Smetana. Dmitry has a GMAT and TOEFL certificates. In 2010 he got to the final of OVUM Social networking competition. Dmitry is interested in the field of hight-tech product development and product management, particularly in development of web-services and smartphone applications. Other fields of his interests are music business and music creation process.

Anastasia Tsvetkova

Rating: 151.5 (Exam 24.5)

As for me the course has become a real guide to the modern world of informational technologies. Thanks to the course I’ve not only learned about current trends, processes and business models in the IT but also realized what I can do in this world as a future professional. One cannot but stress a meeting with wonderful people who inspired to work for new achievements: in the industry and behind. The latter is even more important.

Graduate Project: Organization of an IT Industry Open Coworking/Colearning seminar (NёrdCamp) which attracted 39 participants.

Currently, Anastasia is working as public and media relations manager at St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.  She holds Master degree with distinction in Diplomacy and external policy of Russia and foreign countries and  bachelor degree with distinction in European area studies (School of International RelationsSt. Petersburg State University).  During her studies she participated in long-term study abroad programmes at HEC, University of Lausanne and at department of European studies, The Hague University of applied sciences. In 2010-2011 Anastasia worked in Nordica Centre for Business Cooperation as a project manager and was partly involved in some activities of the Consortium for development of long-term project Innovative MICE Partnership. For two years before she had been doing an internship at Stockholm Region Office in St. Petersburg. Anastasia is interested in international innovation partnership, marketing, different aspects of cross-border cooperation between Northwest Russia and Northern European countries, joint projects with EU.


Elizaveta Kosyachenko


Without doubt the biggest gain from the program was amazing people I met there: curators, participants, visiting lecturers and guests of the program. All together these people gave me an insight into the industry of information technologies and gave me new skills and inspiration for further development.

Currently, Elizaveta is a student of the Risk Management and Insurance Department at the Faculty of Economics, St. Petersburg State University. She also holds a degree of Interpreter in the Field of Business and Economics at the Faculty of Philology at the same University. She participates in the Student Scientific Society and does research work in the Insurance and Risk Management area. Since January 2011 Elizaveta works as an intern/consultant at KPMG – a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Advisory and Tax services. Her professional interests include finance, investments, risk management and strategic management.

Alexey Knorre

Rating: 139 (Exam 23.5)

The course has become a passageway to a huge and unknown reality of information technology in its universal coverage. It was an opportunity to discover this reality from different perspectives: large and small business players, corporate employees and freelancers, different IT professionals and people. In addition, the course was as much interdisciplinary as it is only possible to imagine! Coupled with boundless energy, immense level of knowledge and professionalism of the curators, wonderful participants (with whom we shared our experiences), and live contact with key figures of the Russian IT community the course seems to be an important stage in my life. It was a turning point for professional growth because I've changed a vision of the world around. Now I consider it as a space of possibilities opened for interesting and full of life people.

Graduate Project: Educational project «поступИТь: образование и профессия» (Series of educational events with expert lecturers and precise information about educational and professional opportunities). In progress.

Currently, Aleksey is studying in St. Petersburg State University at the Department of Sociology. His choice of high school was partly determined by successful participation in a program of the Open Corporate University "School of Humanities". Aleksey is trying to integrate into the sociological community of St. Petersburg and Moscow, he regularly attends public lectures, seminars, conferences and events organized in the European University, Higher School of Economics (St. Petersburg branch), CISR, the Smolny Institute. As a result he has created a section "Sociology" on Aleksey’s professional experience includes working as promoter, as a shop assistant in a computer shop, as an organizer of intensive summer school (last - School of Humanitis in Bulgaria, summer 2011), as a screenwriter and producer (Youth Festival "Rossiya! Molodost’! Mechta!", Krasnoyarsk, 2008), as a sales manager at software company LinuxWizard (fall 2011). Today he is concentrated on quantitative methods in sociology, data mining, natural language processing as well as contemporary research in social sciences and their methodology, and social theory.

Personal information of this page is up to date on year 2010.