Students 2012/2014
Graduates 2011/2012
Graduates 2010/2011

GameChangers is developed and managed by the team:
Ivan But

Aliona Markovich,
Development and Partnerships

Alexey Pogibelev

Alexey Pogibelev,
Program Curator

Sergey Dmitriev

Sergey Dmitriev,
Research Coordinator,

Ekaterina Chaykina,
Education and Biotech Tracks Curator
(Bioinformatics Institute)

Mikhail Vink,
Program Curator
Nikolay VyahhiNikolay Vyahhi,
(Algorithmic Biology)
To prove that the GameChangers' framework is up to date and methodologically appropriate we invited representatives from universities and corporations to the program's Advisory Board:
Ilya Antipov

Ilya Antipov,
Co-founder of RIS Ventures, Director of an educational program "Start in Garage"

Sergey Balandin

Sergey Balandin,
Open Innovations Framework Program FRUCT, Tampere University of Technology

Tatyana Gavrilova

Tatyana Gavrilova,
Head of the Information Technology in Management department at Graduate School of Management SPbSU

Vladimir Gorovoy

Vladimir Gorovoy,
Head of Yandex.Uslugi at Yandex, lecturer at Information Technology in Management department at Graduate School of Management SPbSU

Mikhail Ilin

Mikhail Ilin,
General Manager of Opera Software Russia

Eugeny Kuznetsov,
Director, Strategic Communications Department at Russian Venture Company.

Yury Lifshits

Yury Lifshits,
Founder of, Co-founder of HomeWork project

Valentin Makarov

Valentin Makarov,
President of RUSSOFT Association

Vasily Markov

Vasily Markov,
Director, Tax & Legal department of Deloitte & Touche

Vyacheslav Nesterov

Vyacheslav Nesterov,
General Director of EMC St.Petersburg

Lewdmila Pavlova

Lewdmila Pavlova,
Marketing and Sales Director at TimePad

Marina Sukhorukova

Marina Sukhorukova,
Head of the Technology Entrepreneurship department at the National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

Igor Shturts

Igor Shturts,
Professor at St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, CEO at Driver-Inter

Andrey Terekhov

Andrey Terekhov,
CEO, Lanit-Terkom, Head of Software Engineering Chair, Saint-Petersburg State University

Veronika VetrovaVeronika Vetrova,
HR Director at OpenWay Group

Alexander Schukin

Alexander Schukin,
Dean of Faculty of Specialists Training at SPbSTU Polytechnical University
We greatly appreciate help on previous years of program:
Vladimir Aluferov

Ivan But,
Program Coordinator 2012-2013

Alexey Knorre

Alexandra Shishova,
Research Coordinator

Vladimir Aluferov

Vladimir Aluferov,
Banking Industry Track
(Exigen Services)

Alexey Knorre

Alexey Knorre,
Junior Curator (EU SPb)