Outreach Lab


Technology Journalism and Outreach Lab is an ad-hoc task-driven framework for GameChangers participants where techies learn to write public texts and those who already write are immersed in the environment where they learn to understand techies. This lab manifests itself as a part of main program and recommended events as well as through students’ public writings.

Lab Curator: Sergey Dmitriev.


Season I&II


Master classes

  • Seminar modules ‘Media in IT Industry: Marketing/Communications Managers Point of  View‘ led by Vitaly Yanko (Agnitum, Digital River) and Pavel Zhitnyuk (Korus Consulting, iTrend).
  • Seminar with Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper on Media, Education and Design (Afisha, Strelka Institute, Yota).
  • Field trip meeting with Maria Adamyan: ‘Digital October Center - How it works’.  


Students works


Reports on tbd2 seminars

  • ‘Open Data: Opportunities for Society, Business and Governement’ with Ivan Begtin. A report by Sergey Karashevich, an article by Elena Nikulicheva
  • ‘’Digital Fabrication: Opportunities for Education and Cities with Neil Gershenfeld’ a report by Ekaterina Sosa and Ivan But
  • ‘Windows of Opportunities in Bioinformatics with Pavel Pevzner’ report by Alexandra Vachnadze

Season III


Master classes

  • Master class on Interview by Kirill Artemenko
  • Recommended event: Workshop on Texts in European University at Petersburg: Text and Editor, Fact-cheсking, Reporting, New Media and Journalism, Editor's in Chief Job (with Chief Editors at Slon and BigCity and professional journalists)
  • Workshop on public texts writing (blog-style reports) by Sergey Dmitriev
  • Field trip: Vedomosti, RusRep, H&F by Mikhail Tupikin



Student works



Outreach projects nurtured by the Lab


  • Science Slam. The project team includes following GameChangers participants: Kirill Artemenko, Mikhail Tupikin and Sergey Karashevich. Sponsored by JetBrains. 6 events in SPb, 2 events in Moscow, >10 events across Russia, ~800 participants at each event in Moscow and St. Petersburg, ~ 5000 followers in social media
  • Sasha Travel by Alexandr Kim and Alexandra Shishova 15+ events, 500+ participants, 5000+ followers in social media