GC Enterprise Architecture Track 2014

Alisova Maria


Maria graduated from the Department of Management and Information technology of Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University  in 2011 and got Master’s degree in Computer Science. From the 3rd course she became interested in knowledge management.  As a student Maria actively participated in research events and conferences, had seven publications and won grant for students and postgraduates from the Government of Saint-Petersburg in 2009.

Maria has worked for three years in a consulting company creating a Knowledge Management System for 70 employees. She also worked in software testing (BCC Company) and development (EvroFinansKonsalt Company)

Maria is a co-owner of the Inkam LLC company engaged text detection and recognition.  

Maria has skills in knowledge management, ontology approaches, knowledge bases, business engineering, development and testing. And now has interest in increasing management knowledge and integration with IT.  She also likes ski slope style, dancing and the Japan language.


Belikov Yuriy

IMG_7925 min.jpg


Yury is a supervisor and coordinator of Neuroscience Research Program, manager of IT-projects in Nai Becar Corp. Master degree in Computer Science and Management (St.Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics). Graduated from the “Introduction to IT” educational program of Game|Changers.

Spheres of interest include bringing advances of science to education process, IT-product development, new approaches to health care, networking. Self-learning is his lifestyle. His hobbies are book-reading and book-listening. Yury is also interested in entrepreneurship, management and philosophy. He is fond of sports such as swimming and yoga. Drums are his favourite musical instruments.


Bogacheva Ekaterina


Being an enthusiastic fan of the production business and industry Ekaterina Bogacheva started her professional career at ORMA, Inc. (gas turbine and heat exchanging equipment), where she was involved in establishing of the Sales department. Having already faced different particularities of Russian management style and legislative environment, she still believes in bright future for modern manufacturing enterprises in our country. She works as a Sales manager at Bourevestnik, Inc. at the moment. She graduated from the Institute of computing and control and the Institute of Industrial economics and management of St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University. She is inspired by the idea of continious self-tuition and personal enhancement. She is highly interested in knowledge management, information storage and visualization.

Ekaterina tries to use every single chance for travelling, dreams about flying an airplane, prefers outdoor activities in her spare time. Photography is her way of understanding and  representing the beauty of the world.


Buyak Oksana


Oksana is a developer and a consultant in IT. In 2012 she graduated from the Department of Management and Information technology of Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University with masters degree. She has two years of experience as database developer and reporting specialist in Processing Center of JSC Baltiyskiy Bank.

From 2012 Oksana works in system integration at KORUS Consulting. Her professional activity includes corporate data warehouses creation, development and implementation of ETL processes for business intelligence and financial consolidation applications. She interested in big data, data mining, business analytics and areas between IT and management.

The main accent Oksana puts on dynamical personal development and active self- and professional-growth. Live music, yoga and travelling - these are a few of her favorite things.


Kolzova Irina


Irina is a 1st year master student in International Trading System at the Department of Economics of Saint Petersburg State University. She studied at the Russian-Turkish Lyceum and graduated the Department of Conflictology at SPSU. Irina also studied at the Philological Department as a Translator in the field of professional communication. She had an internship at HR department of GlovisRus practicing interpreting and communication skills. During her study Irina took part in different Cultural Exchange Programs: she worked as an English teacher in Juiz-de-Fora, Brazil, and as a crew member at a fast-food chain in New-York, USA. In 2013 Irina participated in the University Project at the Center for Independent Social Research where she made cross-cultural analysis of innovation economies.

Irina is interested in techniques that form productive communities and healthy creative climates for employees and management. In addition, she enjoys learning economics and graphic design.


Kuznetsova Lidia

foto_Kuznetsova_300x400.jpgLidia was born in St. Petersburg and finished mathematical Lyceum № 144. She obtained Bachelors degree with an honors at the Institute of Computing and Control, St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University. Now she is a first year master student  in field of study "Systems Analysis and Control".

In 2012 she became a scholar of the Foundation of V.Potanin.

As a student in 2013 she took part at The XLII conference «The week of science and academic research at SPBSPU» with the report "Comparative analysis of real rating methods assessing the quality of the universities and the possibility of their adaptation in Russia".

Lidia is interested in system analysis, automatic control theory, data structuring and quality management. Besides that, she likes reading books, dancing and travelling.


Andrey Melentyev

Andrey Melentyev - 300x400.jpg

Andrey studied at St. Petersburg  State Polytechnical University. In 2008 he joined the company Exigen Services as a software developer for T-Mobile Deutschland. Andrey is currently employed by Return on Intelligence (formerly known as Exigen Services) as a Sr. System Architect for the Asset Services Programme of one of the world top 10 investment banks, he is working on multiple projects in the Corporate Actions area.

Apart from the immediate project activities, Andrey is involved in the standardization of the Enterprise Service Bus solution across the Trade Lifecycle division of the bank. As a part of SOA governance the aim is to converge existing ESB solutions into a single offering where an integration product will be supported by a factory approach to service implementation.

Andrey’s non-working interests are Belgian beer and music and watching the girls go by.


Pavel Mokin

Pavel is a first year master’s student at Saint Petersburg State University, Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences. His master’s program: “Complex Systems in Nature and Society”. Pavel graduated from Saint Petersburg State University with a Bachelor of Psychology in 2013. He is interested in systems science and cybernetic methodology in organizational context. He recognizes an importance of systems thinking in a variety of scientific fields and practical challenges. Now Enterprise Architect is the most desirable profession for him.

Pavel defines himself as a transhumanist and believes in technological progress. His longest-lasting hobby is entomology. Pavel also enjoys online learning (especially MOOCs on Coursera), listening to the music, watching anime and surfing the Internet.


Natekin Alex


Alex is a founding CEO and CTO of DM Labs, a Big Data startup with strong ties with the wordlwide Data Mining academic community. After graduation from the Department of Statistical Modeling at Saint-Petersburg State University in 2011, Alex immediately proceeded with a PhD study at the same department. In 2012 Alex started his second PhD study in the Robotics and Embedded System Department of Technical University of Munich at the chair of Prof. Knoll. Currently Alex has more than 10 publications and multiple invited talks, including TV.

In 2010 Alex joined the Russian branch of Siemens CT to work on R&D tasks in metal and energy industries. In 2012 Alex moved to Munich to work on Data Mining and Data Fusion robotics applications in fortiss GmbH, an institute of Technical University of Munich. In 2013 Alex proceeded with organizing a Big Data startup DM Labs, which brought him back to Saint Petersburg to lead a team of developers and data scientists to gold and glory.

Alex's primary interests are State-of-the-Art and Advances in Machine Learning, Big Data Architecture and Leadership in Data Analysis. Alex loves extreme sports, with a particulary affliction to rope jumping.


Parsadanyan Eduard

_IMG_3019_300400.JPGEduard is a SAS-programmer in WCT contract research organisation. In 2011 he graduated from the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering. During his study Eduard completed several projects in Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry, RAS. In the Laboratory of the evolution of sense organs he created a computer model of color vision and mastered technical skills during upgrade of research devices (micro-spectrophotometers) for studying color vision cells in Saint-Petersburg and in Biology Center of Helsinki University. His Master’s degree project In the Laboratory of hyperbaric physiology was aimed to study oxygen consumption of cell cultures. Eduard has also a vast extracurricular activity. In 2009 he became council member of Nor Serund, a Saint-Petersburg non-profit Armenian youth organisation. During the following three years this activity gave him a diverse teamwork and leadership experience. As for his hobbies, Eduard is fond of travelling, sci-fi and practices IPSC shooting.


Prisivko Viacheslav

300x400.pngViacheslav is a last year master’s student at the Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science at the St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University. He has 2 years of working experience as a software developer at JetBrains and oktogo.ru.

Viacheslav has experience in management at the top worldwide consulting firm McKinsey & Company, at the mobile health startup as a co-founder and as a vice chairman of the Student Scienific Society at St. Petersburg State University.

Viacheslav is interested in management, IT, self-improvement, learning, socializing and sports.


Rau Vladislava

Vladislava is a first year bachelor student at St. Petersburg State University, Graduate School of Management. She was born in St. Petersburg in 1996 and finished Physics and Mathematics Lyceum #239 in 2013.

She was participated in school physics exchange in the ITIS G. Marconi with the atomic-nuclear project "Save my energy".

Since graduating from Lyceum she is interested in knowledge and project management.  

In 2012 Vladislava was certified as a NLP Practitioner and the coach at St. Petersburg NPL Center.

Also Vladislava is fond of learning foreign languages and studying new things.

She studied at the Kustodiev Art School and participated in art exhibitions. Besides she loves dancing and playing the piano.


Shapovalova Victoria

Victoria is a second year master student in Information Technologies and Innovation Management at the Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg State University. She received her bachelor degree with honors in Statistics at the  St. Petersburg State Economic University. As a student, Victoria was engaged in several research projects and conferences. In 2012 she participated in a summer exchange program and worked in Kissimmee, FL, USA. Victoria is interested in management, macroeconomics and statistics. Also, she finds inspiration in swing dancing and the French language.



Starovoitova Elizaveta

Elizaveta is a bachelor student at Saint Petersburg State University, Graduate School of Management. She is fond of innovation management and marketing. Predicting her further personal and professional growth she is getting interested in business process optimization, simulation modeling, Big Data applications and business analytics. Currently Liza is working on her bachelor thesis “The methodology of implementation Big Data analytics in Russian banking industry”.

Being a student Elizaveta participated in various case competitions and was the winner of a business game on business model generation “Iron Entrepreneur”. She has a wide international experience and is eager to share cultural knowledge. Elizaveta participated in summer schools in Austria and the Great Britain and spent one semester studying in Finland to improve professional skills and enhance the effect of combining two different models of education -  European and Russian. Moreover Elizaveta had several internships in huge corporations such as Rosbank, EMC, as well as in dynamic startups.

Liza is ready to open her mind for new experience and impressions. Extraordinary people and sophisticating goals inspire her and give a motivation to go forward.


Stanislav Usoltsev

Stanislav graduated Altai State Technical University in 2009 and got two specializations: Engineering and Management. After a year he studied in National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics where he obtained additional education in software engineering (Authorized Training Center for Information Technologies) and a master’s degree in technological entrepreneurship (MTE). Stanislav has experience in entrepreneurship, business analytics, consulting, and software engineering. He worked for some companies like Inru Consulting, Automated Intelligence Systems, SQLMaze Inc, Enharmonic. Some Stanislav's activities related to  business incubator QD where he worked as a mentor, lectured on High-Tech Project Management, and took participation in EduCamp 2013 as a member of organization team. Also he took participation as a mentor in Commercialization Pathfinder Entrepreneurship Development Training Program (CRDF Global and ICC) where Stanislav worked with Russian and Ukrainian innovators and entrepreneurs.

His main scientific and professional interests are agile project management, system engineering, product management, user experience, distributed business systems, and the 3rd generation of information systems based on business processes and business statistics and analytics.