GC Product Management Track 2014

Timur Abishev



Timur graduated from St. Petersburg State University, faculty of mathematics and mechanics with a Specialist degree in 2012. He was born in Temirtau, Kazakhstan, where he participated in olympiads in informatics when he was at school. He started his career at Yandex while studying at the 3rd year at the University. Now he works at JetBrains, the world's leading vendor of developer tools in St. Petersburg. Timur is inspired how fast the world changes. In the end this led Timur to PM track in GameChangers, with desire to systemize and improve his knowledge about product management in IT.

In his spare time Timur reads books, listens to music and just relaxes. Timur also loves to travel alone, blow his mind and socialize with friends.


Anton Alexanenkov


Anton is a last year student of the Institute of Computing and Control of Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University, at the department of the automated information systems security.

He was born in Ukhta and moved to St.Petersburg in 2009. Nowadays he works at the LLC NeoBIT as a software developer and researcher. Also he is one of the most active members of student radio organization at the Polytechnical university. He attends to track to learn how PM works, to understand basic principles of this profession and continue to evolve at this area. Because a PM has challenging responsibilities and his role in a team is the one that ensures an effective cooperation between developers and clients so that some really useful and high-quality products are created.





Nikita Batov


He is a second year student at Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty of St. Petersburg State University, software engineering. He was born in Rybinsk and moved to St.Petersburg in 2012. When studying in Rybinsk’s Gymnasium Nikita participated in mathematical and programming competitions and won some of them. He completed a three-year course of System Programming. Before graduating from school, Nikita  had obtained a system developer qualification. Nikita works as a system developer intern  at CyberTech Co.Ltd., robotic project "TRIK". His interests are robotics, IT, product and project management, UX, home automation and global smartification. His main goal on the PM Track is to increase his management skills and to expand Russian IT-management.  Nikita also likes riding, winter polyathlon and skiing especially.


Evgeniya Chumachkova


Evgeniya studied telecommunications in Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications (graduated in 2012), which brought her to work as an analyst for RTC Argus, a company that makes software for telecom service providers. She got interested in software industry, particularly in business and system analysis, and started developing these skills. She is now a product owner and a business analyst for Business Intelligence product.

Evgeniya is closely collaborating with the university she graduated from. She is running two practical and lab classes devoted to standards for modern software development and implementation for telecom industry (NGOSS/Frameworx), she is also the author of the study guide for these classes.

Evgeniya came to the track to systemize her knowledge about product management and enrich it with new stories, cases and experience. She wants to have a wider look on the industry by communicating with product management experts, and explore new areas of professional interest.

Evgeniya’s greatest work inspirations are agile methodologies, teamwork and creating value for customers. Aside of work, she adores skiing and travelling.



Ilya Demyanenko

Ilya is a fourth year student at Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics in St. Petersburg State University. He was born in Omsk in 1994 and moved to St. Petersburg in 2010. He was a prizewinner at SPbNRU ITMO IOIP Contest in 2010. In 2012 he was involved in a project dedicated to building a parallel DSP microprocessor. In 2012-2013 he was working on a year project about RAID algorithms in Galois field and presented it on a “SPISOK” conference. Currently he works as a junior developer in R&D laboratory at RAIDIX. His job involves C/C++ programming and ML techniques researching.

He began to attend “Introduction to PM” track at GameChangers in order to learn how to develop his future projects in a right direction.

He is interested in various programming, modelling beautiful math constructions and making origami.



Dmitriy Glushkov

2 Bio.jpg

When Dmitriy Glushkov  finished St-Petersburg State Polytechnical University in 2004 he had been working as а system administrator in Petrostroysistema - St-Petersburg system integrator - for two years. He developed some internal IT-projects and got first experience in client relationship during information system introduction to companies in St-Petersburg and region.

Together with his partner Dmitriy founded IB Systems company in 2006 and started  providing IT-outsourcing services to St-Petersburg companies. He developed his skills in creation of profitable business from scratch, organization and formalization of business-processes, search for and involvement of clients.

In 2009 Dmitriy stopped partnership and founded his own company Zero support, the sphere of business remained the same. Company was being developed well till 2012, Dmitriy has introduced Open Source solutions to clients.

In 2012 Prometey (internet provider company) merged Zero support. Dmitriy built Zero support business in Prometey business-processes as separate department and became its head. So, Prometey acquired new business direction and Glushkov launched a lot of new interesting projects.           

Dmitriy is fond of climbing and snowboarding and likes to spend free time with family.

The reasons for Dmitriy to join the GC are a desire to broaden horizons in professional field, to get acquainted with the future IT leaders and create new beautiful world around.




Ruslan Kavetsky 

хомяк-3х4 small.jpg

Ruslan is studying technical entrepreneurship at MTE in the first year of master program. Before that, in 2013, he graduated from NRU ITMO with a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics and computer science.

He likes mobile applications and has been working as an iOS developer  for four years. Now he is a CTO in a small company Oumobile. He is responsible for the entire development cycle, as well as for collaborations in the team of developers, designers and others.

He is also well versed in the design. He knows a lot in user interfaces (UI/UX) and typography. From time to time he makes mobile interfaces, draws logos, cover arts, posters and so on.

In 2012 he participated in Game|Changers:sf program. It was dedicated to the project management and was a small version of Game|Changers one-year program.

He is very interested in music and plays a guitar in a little-known local band.

Ruslan wants to understand what product management is and how to use it to build products people will love.



Yuri Ketov

prize_medium.jpgAfter a career of graphic designer and then more than five years of a software engineer in web and game industries, Yuri has focused on his own projects, mainly in mobile.

Now he is an indie developer and a founder of Deity Kids - team focused on mobile apps for kids and parents. Yuri is the author of the KidsWorld - mobile sandbox for children (that was born from app for his own daughter and grew up in the solution for hundreds of thousands parents). Winner of "HackDay meets Garage48" and several other IT events, participant of Ludum Dare competitions, he is а fan of hackathons as an approach to develop MVP.
One of his main interests in IT is a convergence of "real" and digital worlds, also he is strongly interested in new education approaches. He has completed the course "Internet marketer from beginner to pro" in an online school
Netology.ru, “Startup School” in Graphene in Saint-Petersburg and several other courses. He is attending the PM track to systematize his management experience and to build the basis of new skills and knowledge.


Dmitry Kirillin         

Dmitry graduated from SPbSU Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics in 2010, being Exigen Services Starsoft employee. He then attended the double-degree master program of Graduate School of Management and Vienna University of Economics and Business, getting to finals of two international business plan competitions. This strategy/innovation education provided a basis for shifting career to management consulting, so Dmitry spent almost two years with Saint-Petersburg based Alt R&C, working for customers from both hemispheres in projects ranging from state programs analysis and market research to organizational changes and strategy development. Since the end of 2013 he is full-time leading Expolet, which aims to improve the way that companies interact with each other (by securely delivering the data from ERP to partners that are allowed to receive it). While developing Expolet, Dmitry and his partners made a lot of mistakes in product and project management, so GameChangers course should be valuable in systematization of this experience and in pushing the processes forward.

Dmitry is a proven expert in kitchen discussions and internet holywars. He admires nature, science, society, and technology. His interests lie in areas including singularity-related concepts and inevitable/remarkable changes in education system. Dmitry is going to get immortal or die trying.



Alexey Korovyanskiy


Alexey is a third year student at Saint Petersburg State University, Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty (software engineering department). He was born in Saint Petersburg in 1994 and  studied in School №80, which specializes in English language.

At the second year of studying at university he was a member of student project «Recognition of drawn UML-diagrams». Later he participated in the university conference «SPISOK» and made a report about «Extraction of contour of UML-diagram from image». Last year Alexey created a project for objective diagnostics of vision quality “Optonistagm Test”. Now he works at university “UAV project” as a software developer.

He saw an announcement of PM track on the faculty bulletin board. Until that time he has been improving only his technical skills, but he realised that it’s not enough and decided to join this track.

He is keen on computer vision and digital signal processing.  


Uliana Kudina


Uliana is a first year master student in Software Engineering at the National Research University ITMO. Her first degree is Computer Science in the same university. She graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum №239 in 2009.

She participated in an internship at Homework project. Uliana worked at Raum7 in UI Designer position, she received knowledge and learned basics about design in this company.

Together with her team, Uliana became the winner of Moscow App Contest’13 organized by Google & Government of Moscow in september. She created the interface and design of mobile application for young mothers on Android platform. She was at Google and Google Campus (for entrepreneurs and developers) in December 2013. She had meetings with developers, UI designers, managers and local start-ups (it was an educational program).

Uliana is interested in web design, information technologies, photography. She also likes to travel and explore new countries.

Her motivation to take part in PM course was improving knowledge, learning new methods, techniques, and she desire to know how to create really good products.



Alexey Kuznetsov

Alexey is a 1st year Master’s Degree student at Graduate School of Management of St. Petersburg State University. He studies at the “Information Technology and Innovation Management” program in partnership with IBM. Alexey is also involved in the double degree program “Master’s in International Management” by CEMS alliance.

In 2013 Alexey has obtained a bachelor’s degree from St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics. The last semester of his studies there he has spent in Helsinki, studying “IT Service Management” in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Alexey has participated in several entrepreneurial events by Startup Sauna, most memorable of them being “3D printing in AddLab” (Aalto University).

Apart from that, Alexey has worked in IT for 2 years, with his activities ranging from generalist programming (most recent being Smeshariki online game) to consulting projects (business process assessment for HiQ Finland). He joined the Product Management track in order to gain insights from industry experts and widen his vision of PM in modern IT companies.

Alexey enjoys mountain skiing, cross country biking and exotic travelling.



Paul Larionov



Paul is honors master graduate of Computer Systems & Software Engineering Department of Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University. Originally from the Novosibirsk City, he got a bachelor degree at Novosibirsk State Technical University and moved to Saint-Petersburg in 2010.

Paul works at the T-Systems company as a Java Software Developer, but previously worked as an R&D Engineer at Siemens Russia, where he took participation in large-scale projects in the field of smart grids and power distribution. He is professionally interested in development and applying of Information Technologies, have a solid background in automation, distributed real time process control systems, programming languages, databases and operational systems.

Paul leads a number of outstanding software development projects, takes participation in computer science communities and acquires knowledge at Coursera, MIT OpenCourseWare, Game|Changers, etc. The major Paul’s interests are software engineering, business communication, marketing, languages, traveling, dancing and e-media.

His motivation to become a student of Product Management track by Game|Changers was skills improvement, career aspiration and work-for-fun.


Anna Lazutkina


Anna is a first year Master’s Degree Student at Graduate School of Management in Saint Petersburg State University. She is enrolled for CEMS double degree program and studies management in Information Technologies. Before entering a business school, Anna studied applied mathematics in Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. At the same time she also worked as a web-developer on a video-on-demand service Playfamily. Anna has a long-lasting interest for IT and wants to develop herself towards IT PM.

Apart from studying and working, Anna used to play table tennis professionally and has a soft corner for snowboarding. She also enjoys travelling and is fond of good music, thus she is a frequenter on different gigs.



Ilya Onskul


Ilya is a Functional Analyst at Deutsche Bank. Having worked in system analysis field for past 5 years, his main competencies in IT include requirements management, communications and documentation. He was born in Omsk and obtained a Masters degree in Applied Mathematics from Omsk State University.

He was an active participant in various pupils’ mathematical olympics since childhood, and became actively involved in Summer Mathematical-Humantarian School in 2003-2010, teaching Math to talented kids. He also took part in a series of mathematical competitions among student teams across Russia. His more recent activities include competing in Ludum Dare hackathon-like challenge in Omsk.

Ilya is recently interested in becoming a Product Manager, so he joined Gamechangers course to better understand the role and find out what he needs to learn and do to be a good PM.



Daniil Pavlyuchkov


Daniil was born in St. Petersburg and was the first child in line to go into technical university, Voenmeh. He created his first website in 2006 and his customer was his own sister :). One year later, on the 3rd year of the university, he continued to work in IT on his first job at Korus Consulting as a developer.

As he gained more experience in the industry he went to work at Exigen Services, where he became Senior PHP developer. After that he joined famous startup ITmozg as VP of R&D. During his work there he gave several speeches at BitByte and HPC conferences, as well as hosted successful HR training for companies such as Yandex, Kaspersky Lab, Mail.ru and others.

After that he realized he was full of development and shifted into product management to be in control of the quality of the product he ships. He has joined Infobox as a product manager and currently oversees product portfolio that includes hosting, VPS, cloud computing and business solutions.

In his spare time Daniil practices and teaches aikido. He is a great fan of motorcycles, travelling, dancing and singing. Every day he tries to learn something new because he is hungry for knowledge.


Dmitry Petrashev

Dmitry graduated from the Saint Petersburg University of Telecommunications in 2008 and a year later he earned his second degree (economics and management) from the Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University. This mix of business and technical levels helped him to understand better the need for the person who is responsible for product requirements/backlog management in software companies. For the last three years Dmitry has been working as a Sr.Business Analyst at Dell. He gathered significant experience in building Enterprise Software and took part in multiple different projects related to telecommunications, SAAS, event log management and auditing, mobile.

In 2013 Dmitry got the prize for one of the best speeches at Analyst Days conference - Impact Mapping approach implementation to improve communications between product management and dev team.

His main goal on the PM Track is to understand better how to build right products in the right way and to find out what really distinguishes products which are successful on the market from those that are not. Also Dmitry is keen on sports, travelling and mountains.


Ksenia Petrova

Ksenia graduated from Management Faculty of Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University “LETI” . Now Ksenia is a co-founder of DM Labs Ltd., company that has competence in data mining and machine learning.
As a co-founder, Ksenia spends all time on development of 3 main directions of company: projects in machine learning/ data mining, R&D and education of young data scientists.
She also has experience in project management and analytics in manufacturing, banking, real estate and government spheres.   

Product track will be very useful for understanding business model in DM Labs and develop right products based on breakthrough technologies.



Ksenia Pigareva


Ksenia is a last year bachelor student at Graduate School of Management, Saint-Petersburg State University, specializing in Information Management. The core disciplines of her specialization are Business Process Modeling, Technology Innovation and Information Security Management, Information Systems Development and Data Governance.

While studying in the university she took part in a student exchange program Work & Travel USA, where she obtained such useful skills as self-organization and fast decision making. Ksenia also spent one semester in France, studying as an exchange student in ESC Rennes School of Business, specializing in Sales & Marketing. In 2013 she had an internship in EMC Centre of Excellence, at New Business Development department, working on Marketing and University Relations projects. Now she is collaborating with EMC working on her diploma.

The PM track attracted her by its non-typical learning approach which allows to learn from real practitioners how to maximize business value from a product. She also considers it to be a great opportunity to systematize her knowledge about IT and management as well as acquire new skills and make contacts with interesting people with different background.

Ksenia is fond of business, marketing, innovation management, reading, travelling and sports, especially swimming, volleyball and biking.



Anton Samoylov


Anton is a fourth year student at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of Saint-Petersburg State University, department of Software Engineering. Since his early years he was interested in computer technology in general and in programming and mathematics in particular. Anton successfully participated in the Google Summer of Code program twice, took second place in Intel’s parallel programming challenge, worked for a retail company as a Common Lisp programmer. On his spare time he likes to implement his own ideas, and sometimes to write articles about it on technical resources.

Main Anton’s interests include photography, education, especially online education, meeting new and interesting people.

The main motivation for the participation in GameChangers track is that it is new and challenging field for Anton, and the opportunities for the Product Manager are almost unlimited. Also one of the main things in life for Anton, both business and social, is number and variability of connections with other people, and GameChangers offers a great opportunity to enlarge the personal network.


Pavel SmirnovSmirnov2013.jpg

Pavel was born in Karelia republic in 1989 (Kostomuksha town).

During 2006-2012 he got bachelor and master diplomas (both with excellence) in field of computer systems design and security at University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics.

Pavel worked for 1 year in EMC Company as C#-engineer.

Now he is a second-year PhD student at E-Science Research Institute (dept. of ITMO) in field of high-performance & distributed computing (Grid, clusters, hybrid clouds, etc.).

In 2013 he got an award “PhD student of a year at ITMO”.

Pavel is strongly interested in software and hardware technologies, especially smart devices and robotics.

From PM course he is expecting to get knowledge about IT markets, analysis, trends and also expects to acquire a vision on how to design, develop and promote ideal IT-products. It’s something different from just knowledge and cannot be obtained from self-education only.



1eb9229.jpgRoman Trusov

Roman is a second-year student in NRU ITMO. During his first year he participated in GameChangers Data Mining Track and got an internship as data analyst in PlanBMedia.

He has an experience of building applications using Machine Learning and frameworks for distributed parallel computations.

In pursuit for consistent and broad knowledge of IT Industry he attends the Product Management Track to learn not only how to build things, but how to organize the whole process of creating new software and services.


Vladimir is honors master graduate of Information and Navigation Systems Department of National Research University ITMO. His first degree is Navigation in the same university. In 2007 he finished the Laboratory of continuous mathematical education.

The main project during training for the bachelor’s degree was Intel Baltic SEF. It is a qualifying competition of the global fair Intel ISEF, which is held in St. Petersburg. In 2011, Vladimir was the Coordinator, and in fact was in charge of everything.

After receiving a bachelor's degree, and while getting a master's degree in NRU ITMO, he focused on the engineering field, specifically on subterranean navigation problems and geotechnical monitoring. As part of CSC "Subterranean Navigation Devices" he participated in several big projects  as a lead analyst borehole geomonitoring (such as monitoring of Olympic objects, or construction borehole monitoring subway station.)

His main purpose from the PM track is to learn how to create and manage IT products correctly, and to systematize his knowledge, and learn which is applicable in the IT industry. The main areas of his ​​interests are software engineering, business and marketing.



Leonid Zalog


Leonid graduated from Saint Petersburg State University, Faculty of Math in 2010. In 2005 he graduated from  Physics and Mathematics Lyceum №239.

He started his IT career in Openway company while studying at the university. After gaining five-year experience of working with corporate banking systems, Leonid went on to work as a project manager in a startup, specializing in biometrical technologies. Also Leonid is currently engaged in a social entrepreneurship program.

His hobbies include volleyball, badminton, traveling and exploring his hometown.