Ecosystem & Entrepreneurship Track


Students 2013

In 2013 10 students have been admitted to the Ecosystems & Entrepreneurship track. The list of the track's students is availiable here.

Track's Context

Ecosystem part of the track - is a way to become a key translator between Academia, Business and State and to work in infrastructure companies, venture funds, business incubators, Universities and government organizations.

Term ‘Ecosystem’ is widely used in the meaning of another term Infrastructure’.
Biological roots of ‘Ecosystem’ are to stress that there are live interaction between all components of an infrastructure.

Entrepreneurship part - is to validate and try your abilities to apply entrepreneurial approach to your or/and our projects. Entrepreneurship is a new Art. We invite new 'artists' and 'galleriests' to work with our students.
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1. Fill in the Application Form till February, 1.
2. The on-site interview is probable.

Topics to investigate:

  • Ecosystem, Technolocigal Entrepreneurship & Incubators
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Universities: Trends, Economics, Politics, Research
  • IT in Business. Who is Entrepreneur?
  • University Relations
  • Ecosystem of Russia development

Key Experts in 2011:


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