NёrdCamp 2: See the Heffalump

NёrdCamp 2: See the Heffalump

April 20-22, 2012
Zelenogorsk (Smolyachkovo), Vostok-6


NёrdCamp, chapter 2 ...in which its participants go visiting the Gulf of Finland and discover obvious and indirect links between and within science, R&D, art, design, media and education.

Yes, maybe it’s like trying to see the elephant. People do it since the ancient times. So we will play a modern version, thanks to Alan Alexander Milne. That's why our target is the Heffalump.



  • 4th places, future campuses and new nomads
  • High-tech entrepreneurship as an object of art and science
  • IT for health and wealth management
  • P2P vs/+ Cloud
  • What comes after social media?
  • Agents of change in society and business

Barbeque, Concert, Cinema and the Decameron’s storytelling game.

Table tennis, swimming, skiing, frisbee.

NёrdCamp is a 3-days platform for various activities related to education, work, networking and entertainment with IT as a uniting theme. The frame activity is a coworking with a people-based co-learning program. The 'Camp' refers to barcamps, foo camps. Besides, it is a real camp - the venue is located in a countryside, but the environment is more comfortable (rooms and meals) as it's hosted by a holiday hotel. 

Creative class workers and students involved in the Game|Changers program but everyone is invited. Up to 60 participants: 30 places are already pre-ordered, the rest are available upon the reasoned application.
Elder nerds are invited to come with kids. NёrdCamp is open to participants of any age.

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