NёrdCamp: Ad-hoc Fall Edition

Welcome to NёrdCamp: Ad-hoc Fall Edition from November, 2th to November, 4th

We invite you to the cottages in recreation center «Junost’» situated in Losevo, Leningradskaya region.

Key dates

  • October, 27th, application deadline (if you're interested, fill in the application form);
  • October, 28th, payment deadline;
  • November 2th, see you at NёrdCamp!


Check in – 18:00, November, 2th.
Check out – 16:00, November, 4th.

  • 4 bedded cottages, each with a kitchen corner, shower, etc.
  • 2 bedrooms with 2 beds in each one.

Recreation zone will be in a nearby cottage and some of the lectures will be held in the conference hall.

Three meals a day in the café nearby (includes vegetarian menu).

Please pay attention smoking in the recreation zone is not permitted! We ask our visitors to respect their neighbors.

Participation fee

The fee is 3500 RUR for students, 4700 RUR for everyone else. 


By public transport: you can take a train from Finlyandskiy vokzal railway station to the Losevo station, then move to the Priozerskoe highway and go straight to the «82 km» sign, after turn left and there are 300 meters to the Nёrd Camp 3. Train’s timetable you may see here. Also you can take a bus from Devyatkino. Bus timetable you can see here.

By car: by Priozerskoe highway to the Losevo, then pass a bridge over Vuoksa river and then 700 meters before turning to the base (left at the sign.)



18:00 Registration

Welcome talks about NёrdCamp and the concept,                                           

Program & shedule                                                                                           

21:00 Welcome party!


10:30 Python crash course (Aleksey Kladov)
12:00 Kirill Shikhanov, Value Chain 2.0
13:00 Mikhail Vink, Securing the personality online                                                    
14:00 Lunch                                                                          
16:00 tbd2 session (P. Votchincev, G. Fishman, S. Lebedev)
18:00 Dinner
19:00 TED watching and discussion (Nikolay Vyahhi)   
20:30 BBQ!  


10:30 English hour (Mikhail Vink)                                                                         

Aleksey Pogibelev and Fedor Aleksandrovich,

Electronics: from semiconductors to the computer industry

13:00 Victor Bocharov, OpenCorpora.org: linguistic resource as a process
14:00 Lunch
15:00 Final talks

NёrdCamp: Ad-hoc Fall Edition Vkontakte.