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MTE (Master of Technology Entrepreneurship) ITMO

NRU ITMO is the leading University in the area of information technologies, mechanics and optics in Russia since 1900. In the building at Birzhevaya liniya, 14 the newest ITMO department of technological entrepreneurship is located. The department has developed on the basis of Quattuor Dimensionis (QD) business incubator created in 2006 by ITMO students’ initiative.

AU RAS (St. Petersburg Academic University)

At the present time the Academic University is the unique scientific-educational center of nanotechnologies. It is the only University in Russia which is a unit of Russian Academy of Sciences. The University was found in 1997 by vice-president of RAS, Zhores I. Alferov (The Nobel Prize for Physics 2000). AU offers educational programs that help to create new generation of scientific talents in physics, software engineering, computer science and bioinformatics. In 2010 Pavel Pevzner, ass. Prof. at University of San-Diego was invited to start there the Algorithmic Biology Lab to work on computational problems of modern bioinformatics.

GSOM (Graduate School of Management)

 The Graduate School of Management (GSOM) is a part of St. Petersburg State University, the oldest institution of higher education in Russia. GSOM was created in alliance with the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley in 1993. The building at Volkhovsky Pereulok hosts its administration, master and executive MBA programs.

Apartment Project 'HomeWork'

An exceptional project aimed to create a common space for co-working and events in IT, media and education spheres. Since 2011 ‘HomeWork’ has become a place where talented people come together in order to meet each other, discuss and influence contemporary business and culture city life. Located in the city center in a historical building ‘Tolstoy House’ it acted as a ‘collider’ for young engineers, scientists, artists, journalists, entrepreneurs and educators.


EMC2 is a global leader in delivering information technologies as a service. It works closely with a global network of technology, outsourcing, systems integration, service, and distribution partners. EMC St. Petersburg Center of Excellence is a part of EMC global investments program in research and development. It’s located in the office-center “Ostrov” and employs more than 230 programming engineers who work on devising high-level software that later on becomes a part of enterprises’ IT -infrastructure.

OpenWay Group

OpenWay Group was founded in 1995 to develop innovative payment processing framework for banks, processors and telcos. Today, its solutions are successfully implemented in 108 banks and processing companies. Headquartered in Brussels with regional offices in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia OpenWay established its operations and R&D office in St. Petersburg.


One of the leading internet companies in Russia, operating the most popular search engine in Russia and CIS. Yandex also operates in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey. Yandex team amounts to 3500 people. The company’s goal is to provide the best service for its users: the quickest Internet search, convenient mail service and other Internet services. In 2006, Yandex began opening development offices outside of Moscow. First remote development center was created in St. Petersburg. It’s located in the modern business-center “Benua” that was awarded “The house of the Year 2008” by public voting.


JetBrains is a rapidly evolving international software company which was found in St. Petersburg in 2000. It provides industry-leading development tools and information management solutions and offers wide range of tools that includes coding, debugging, static code analysis, unit testing, analyzing code coverage, bug tracking, continuous integration, performance and memory profiling. Jet Brains has three R&D offices: in Munich, Boston (USA) and St. Petersburg. The latter is located in business-center “Times”.

Business Incubator 'Ingria'

Business Incubator 'Ingria' is a unique platform for supporting promising high tech projects and young entrepreneurs. It has been operating since December of 2008. 'Ingria' provides service related to project promotion, attracting investment, consulting and service support. Being St. Petersburg government managed and funded initiative the existing incubator is a part of a technopark which aims to facilitate city’s economy development through supporting small hi-tech companies and creating an appropiate ecosystem. To be completed in 2015. The incubator temporarily located in a business center 'Nevskaya Manufactura'.

i-Free Innovations

i-Free Innovations is a new venture by i-Free group of companies founded in St. Petersburg and expanding in Russia since 2001 and internationally, since 2006. i-Free Innovations are specialized in mobile and NFC technology, artificial intelligence, electronic payments and micropayments, apps for smartphones and new network devices and augmented reality. The head office is located in ‘Apriori’ business center on ‘Petrogradskaya Storona’ city district.


Deloitte is the brand under which tens of thousands of dedicated professionals in independent firms throughout the world collaborate to provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, and tax services to selected clients. Deloitte has been presented in USSR since 1980 and nowadays accounts for 3000 employees in CIS countries.

Alkor Bio

Alkor Bio Group is a cluster of medical biotechnologies. The company appeared in 1992 in St. Petersburg and nowadays Alkor Bio is the largest biotechnological holding consisting of 12 companies. Its activity includes developing and producing of sets for immune-enzyme and genetic analysis, conducting laboratorial research for population, developing innovative cellular technologies and introducing these technologies into clinical practice, extraction and storage of stem-cells and also investments in scientific projects.

Delgyado’s place

Philipp Delgyado, independent software engineering consultant prefers to rent apartments in the city center, so for many of his friends and colleagues his places becomes a gathering point to talk about past and future, art and science, philosophy and economics. As a permanent participant of S. Pereslegin’s group ‘Engineering of Future’ Philipp shares their insights and discoveries to his guests.

Loft Project ‘Etagi’

Cultural center ‘Etagi’ is the pioneer of loft design and one of the largest exhibition spaces in St. Petersburg. Besides exhibitory and educational activities this center organizes social beneficent events attracting actual art resources of the city. International projects in modern art are also an important activity of cultural center. GameChangers have chosen this place for informal meetings and social events.