GameChangers Team Assistant

ChangeLabAcademic Universitiy and QD Incubator - places where we often work and organize events

Internship Description
To be a ‘mum’ or ‘elder brother’ for the GameChangers core team and act as the first point of contact with people from both inside and outside GameChangers.There are following possible projects to work on:
We offer:
  • 1-3 month internship (first month unpaid / 20h per week unpaid, if more - 40h with remuneration) and further employment at GameChangers or our partners;
  • flexible hours and optionally remote work; 
  • access to all courses and events of the program as well as mentors and experts; 
  • “X” offer: you ask - we provide if there’s a match.

  • liaising with partners;
  • producing documents, reports and presentations;
  • organizing and maintaining our virtual office, e.g. managing calendars and making appointments;
  • HR functions;
  • various paperwork;
  • carrying out specific projects and research.
  • applied interest towards people and world around;
  • ability to research, digest, analyze and present material clearly and concisely;
  • ability to work on your own initiative;
  • attention to detail.

Applications deadline: 11 June 2013.