Q: I have a question. What should I do?
A: You can look for the answer below. If it is not here then you can ask curators directly or write your question in the form below.

Q: Do you have cookies?
A: Oh yessss we do. Please come to our side.

Q: I am not a student now. Can I apply?
A: Yes, you can apply. But please take into account that students have significant priority over all the others participants.
Q: Which requiremens should meet an applicant to become a student?
A: A student should: 1) have a general understanding of the IT industry and its trends, 2) have advanced level of English, 3) be able to acquire information and learn, 4) have an entrepreneurial or analytical mindset, 5) be motivated for the course and for the IT industry in general. The criteria for evaluation are: intelligence (in general) and social intelligence; proactivity and vision; current background and potential.

Q: How the admission process is arranged?
A: Firstly, you should fill the on-line form, which will be evaluated by the curators. Then, if your submission is satisfying the criteria and strong enough, you will be invited to a 1,5h interview with program curators and partnter companies representatives. You also can receive an additional task in order to see your particular skills.

Q: Do you issue a certificate of some kind?
A: Those, successfully participated in the course will be awarded a certificate stating the points/credits gained during the course, signed by the curators and by a consultant of one of the participating companies. The rating (according to the amount of points) of the students will be made public on the course website.

Q: Why did the program have changed the format for 2-years instead of 1-year?
A: The content of the program is highly saturated and extremely huge. We have shortened a lot of good things due to lack of time. So starting from the very season the educational process and project based work will last for two semesters each.

Q: Can I study for one year instead of two?
A: Yes, but in this case you need to be more active during the first year in order to be able to graduate. Thus you can develop your graduate project or have an internship in the partner company while studying if it does not negatively affect  the educaton process.

Q: Can this course be credited as an elective course in my university?
A: Most probably not.

Q: What are the dates and time of the classes?
A: The schedule of the course will be agreed upon, taking into account the wishes of the participants.

Q: Why is participation in the program free?
A: We invite companies and state organizations to cover most of the programs costs. However, your expenses might include a couple of books, several magazines and Moscow travel costs, but it's optional.

Q: What kind of practice is included in the program and what kind of home tasks?
A: Preparing material for the current seminar. The students are encouraged to present the fruits of their pains to general public online (wiki, habr, private blog etc). The reading list will include 12 books, 4 of them compulsory. Project (research, series of interviews, chart/visualization, organization of an event and etc.). Some of the projects will be offered by the participating companies.

Q: I haven't found the answer to my question in this FAQ. What to do?
A: Just fill the form below and we'll answer you shortly, or use the formspring service if it is more familiar to you.