Vladimir Gorovoy

Head of Yandex.Uslugi, 
Product manager at Yandex
GameChangers' seasons  1st 2nd 3rd
Participation yes yes yes
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Vladimir graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of Saint-Petersburg State University in 2004. He worked at Motorola, Starsofware and Borland as a software developer and teamleader. In 2006 he entered Yandex. He started with ameliorating existing services as Yandex.Market and ended up with his own idea of Yandex.Uslugi. Vladimir founded new service in a banking sphere for mass-user Yandex.Uslugi in 2009. 
Besides that, Vladimir teaches several courses on IT management, Business Intelligence, IT project management in Polytechnical University of Saint-Petersburg and in Graduate School of Management of Saint-Petersburg State University.
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