We run open events for participants to share their knowledge and merge them into communities.

Events in 2012/2014 academic year

Events in 2011/2012 academic year:

Actual list of co-located and recommended events for 2011/2012 can be found here.

In 2010/2011 academic year we tested the following formats:

Events are synchronized with the program's schedule.  We invite students, engineers, scientists and professors, analysts, designers, managers, directors and entrepreneurs and bring them together: 
  • to broader program's audience and impact; 
  • to facilitate formal and informal education and research processes;
  • to promote the socialization between different generations;
  • to point topics for graduate works;
  • to evaluate technology advances for its influence on society and business.
Each event gathers about 20-40 participants and lasts from 3 hours to 3 days long - that is optimal for productive creative collisions.