Game|Changers in European Union



Game|Changers in European Union is graduate project managed by Mikhail Vink involving expansion of Game|Changers ad-hoc education program to European Union through business trips to European companies for program participants and others, European IT market and infrastructure research. Additional goal of this project is to organize a meeting of innovative educational programs from different countries.


1.Idea of Game|Changers in EU Project

During education at Game|Changers program we have been acquainting with a lot of companies operating in the field of IT and near-IT fields as well as with some entrepreneurs and ecosystem activists. We were researching both local and international companies.

The main aim of Game|Changers in EU project is to get acquainted with IT business and entrepreneurship in Europe mostly on the example of Finland (as the nearest European country to St. Petersburg), but involving other countries as well. The acquaintance with local European companies or institutions and international companies working in Europe is important in order to get understanding of differences between business models and entrepreneurship/innovative ecosystem.

The second important part of the project is to find and connect major players on international market in the field of innovative educational programs (similar to Game|Changers) - gather them in one place in order to share experience organizing special conference for all of them in Finland.

This project is going to be developed by Mikhail Vink during the second semester of Game|Changers program from January till June 2012.

2.Project structure












Research part (20 JAN 2012 - 20 MAY 2012)

During the research part of the project a few business trips to Finland are going to be organized in order to get acquainted with: multinational companies, small local companies, government institutions, universities, ad-hoc education programs, startups, business incubators, business climate.

This part will be organized as a few thematic visits to relevant companies/organizations.

Event part (JUNE 2012)

Another important goal is to organize conference of innovative educational programs in order to share experience and discuss future of education.

Reporting part (Mostly MAY 2012, JUNE/JULY 2012)

A few reports are going to be prepared for use by partners, sponsors, Game|Changers management, etc. Most of them are going to be published in open sources.

3.Project results

  1. Report on European ad-hoc IT education programs (Blog post, PDF report)
  2. Business trips to Finland (Reporting in form of blog posts, PDF reports)
  3. International event of innovative education programs organized on the Finnish side (Format: Conference. Probable Participants: GAME|CHANGERS, STRELKA, HSE, GSOM, MTE QD, INGRIA, KAOSPILOT (DENMARK) , CDTM (GERMANY) , UNIVERSITY OF SINGULARITY (USA), etc)
  4. Information about experience and people for Game|Changers EU Track the next year (PDF report for G|C program management)
  5. Report on Business Transfer between Russia and Finland (Probably Interested: Aalto pieniyrituskeskus, HSE, GSOM, MTE QD) + Report on IT Business difference in Russia and Europe + maybe a few interviews. Format: Blog posts/PDF reports/Media reports

4.Partnership Proposal

If you are interested in this project as participant, observer, partner, sponsor, etc - feel free to contact Mikhail Vink at Mikhail.Vink [AT(REPLACE-IT)] or Game|Changers program management.

5.Probably Involved institutions and companies

  1. Game|Changers
  2. Aalto university
  3. Aalto pieniyrituskeskus
  4. HSE
  5. GSOM
  6. MTE QD
  7. FRUCT
  8. ARCADIA OY (Khotin)
  9. KaosPilot
  10. Ingria
  11. CDTM

6.Probable Advisers

  1. Sergey Dmitriev
  2. Arcady Khotin
  3. Anastasia Tsvetkova
  4. Ekaterina Chaykina

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