GameChangers is a free two-year program for ad-hoc education and research on IT business designed for 20 students. It also includes open innovation, business development and HR platform for organizations and event series with the expected audience 500 people in total.

GameChangers consists of:

  • classes with experts and key persons from IT industry, Universities, marketing and management fields;
  • intensive networking;
  • project based work;
  • internships in leading IT companies, business incubators and venture funds.


  • to educate new wave of talents for corporate innovations, technology transfer, scientific and applied research management, education and entrepreneurship;
  • to grow a cross-community network of professionals who are exceptionally familiar with the IT industry and able to contribute to the Russian innovation ecosystem development.

Game|Changers in media: Slon.ruHopes&FearsPaperPaperSTRF.ru, HungrySharkUNOVAHabrahabr, Delovoy Peterburg, 'Strelka' Institute, RVC,  iUni, LETI

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